Saturday, November 12, 2011

Avenal, California - Pastor Doug Spencer

Friday we drove down to Avenal to be in service with Pastor Doug Spencer and his folks. If his name sounds familiar and the people look familiar that's for good reason. Bro. Doug Spencer is the oldest son of Bro. Charles Spencer at Riverdale. He is also an Associate Pastor and Principle of the School at Riverdale. His whole family is involved deeply in both churches and the school. To say they are a family busy working for the Lord would definitely be an understatement.

We always enjoy going to Avenal and last night was no exception. We appreciate the warm hospitality of Bro. Spencer and his family. The people responded great to the singing and preaching and several received help in the altar. I love watching folks respond to God's Word. It is amazing the change that takes place in lives when that happens.

They brought the bus down from Riverdale so it was good to have several of them there as well. We knew some were coming but all the rest were a surprise to us. After church we headed to In N Out for wonderful greasy hamburgers and great fellowship!

Today we will be flying to Phoenix by way of Los Angeles. We are suppose to be in Phoenix late tonight and begin revival tomorrow morning. We are looking forward to seeing Pastor Jimmy Munoz and our great friends at Desert Cove. We are also looking forward to all the good Mexican food! Stand by for pictures coming soon! Until then, here are some great pictures from last night.


A bunch of the folks came from Riverdale for the service.

And then it was off to In N Out!

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