Sunday, November 27, 2011

More Pictures From Sharonville, Ohio

Posted Sunday

We only had four nights for revival in Sharonville at the Free Holiness Church of God but God surely blessed and helped in each service. The altar service each night was wonderful. Praise God for His grace. I appreciate Pastor Randy Brown inviting us to Sharonville. We look forward to returning soon.

Last night we had a big feast with the Boggs clan. I will try to post pictures from that tomorrow. Today we are supposed to preach both services near Lebanon, Ohio at Anchor of Hope for Pastor Bill Lamb. We always enjoy being there. 

We brought the BoggsMobile with us to Anchor even though its only a short distance. It was parked at Dodds Church while we made the western swing by plane so it had been in one place for five weeks. Although I started it and let it run when we came back from Arizona it needed to be driven. The batteries were so weak that I had to charge them before starting. Plus I don't want the folks at Dodds to think I am homesteading over there. They are so kind to allow me to park when I am home so I sure don't want to take advantage of their kind hospitality. We will move back over there after the weekend.

BoggsMobile and The General at Dodds Church near Waynesville.

Here are a few pictures from revival...


Pastor-Bro. Randy and Sis. Wendy Brown

Sis. Margie Howard received so much help in the altar Tuesday night. She came into church Wednesday night with a permanent smile! We are still praising God for helping this dear sister.

This is the choir having their picture taken. I slipped in on the action from the side...

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