Friday, November 11, 2011

Souls Harbor Holiness Church - Fresno, California

Last night we were in service at Souls Harbor Holiness Church in Fresno. This is the church that Bro. Anthony Munoz pastors. Bro. Anthony is still in the hospital due to his treatment for cancer but we were honored to stand in his pulpit and minister to his congregation again. These are dear friends of ours and they are under a heavy burden for their pastor and his family. I know that God is going to help them all and we could sense that last night in the service. It was good to feel God ministering to His people.

Pastor Jared Burris and some of his folks came down for service last night as well. It was great to see them one more time before we leave the state on Saturday. Bro. Jared and his family have been busy moving this week so we appreciate them taking time to come. It was also great to have friends there from Merced and Raisin City. It was almost like fellowship meeting.

Several of us also went to Five Guys afterward. It was good as always. Here are a few pictures from last night. Please pray for Pastor Munoz, his family and his church.


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