Friday, November 4, 2011

Jantz Cafe & Bakery

We love to visit Jantz Cafe & Bakery in Atwater, California. They serve great breakfast, great soups and great sandwiches. Thursday is Cheeseburger Chowder day so that's where we ate lunch yesterday. I tried their new Rueben sandwhich and it was delicious as well. I ordered it without the rye bread and added the all you can eat soup for a wonderful meal.

Kelly Jo and Odie like their Chicken Salad Sandwhich so that is what they had. It was good. (I know because I ate half of Odie's. I love when she gets full fast!) KJ had potato salad and Odie had the soup.

We do love Jantz but the prices have started creeping up pretty high the last few years. We spent $33 plus tip and didn't eat any of their wonderful desserts. That's a little high for soup and sandwiches in my book so we probably would not go often if we lived here. It is very good for a special treat though. The food is always very fresh and well prepared and the people are nice too.

Revival is going well. We had a great response in the altar tonight and I appreciate that. There's no telling what the Lord may do tonight at Amazing Grace Tabernacle. I can hardly wait for church time. Thanks for all your prayers for us. God bless you every one.


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