Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kelly Jo and The Grizzly Bear

Kelly Jo's Friend

If you have been reading very long you know that Kelly Jo loves animals. She loves snakes, spiders, birds, walking sticks and the list goes on and on. She doesn't care much for cats without sweet and sour sauce but I'll save that for a later post..

She really has a fascination with bears, especially Grizzlies. Her fascination is rather morbid though. She is sure that one day when it comes her time to die or maybe even before, she will be mauled and at least partially eaten by a Grizzly Bear. I told you it was morbid.

Although she is filled with this fear she can't get enough of them. She loves to see pictures and learn all she can about her friend the Grizzly. She has looked long and hard for them in Yellowstone and Glacier National Park but to no avail. We have driven hours over the back roads of Montana without even a glimpse of a Grizzly. We have been to places where others have seen them repeatedly but as soon as Kelly Jo gets near they go into hiding. She is sure this does not bode well for the future.. She knows that they are watching her even though she cannot see them...

When she finds a friendly Grizzly like this one in the Burris home she spends as much time getting acquainted as possible. She usually sits on the couch in front of it, rubs its fur and admires its size and appreciates its friendly disposition. 

She has no fear at all of this bear...Kelly Jo knows that no harm can come to her from this bear.. She knows it is long dead and completely harmless.. But she still sleeps with the door locked ... just in case!


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