Monday, November 7, 2011

Revival in Riverdale, California

We are back in Riverdale, California! This is the place we recorded our "Havin' Church" CD last year. It is hard to believe a year has passed already but it is true. We recorded on October 15th and received the finished CDs around the end of February. You can find more information about that and our other CDs HERE

We will always have fond memories of the great people here. Pastor and Sis. Spencer have been so good to us in the years we have known them. Last year during the recording process they went out of their way to make it easy for us. The church folks jumped in and worked so hard and we will forever be grateful. We have made friends for life and we are always thankful for more friends.

But we're not here to record this year, we are here to have revival! We only have a short time to stay so we have jumped right in to worship, sing, shout, preach and pray. Both services yesterday were great with wonderful response in the altar service. I love it when people listen to the word then go to the altar and allow God to work His Word into their hearts. That is key to really having revival.

We sure came on the right Sunday to Riverdale. The church was celebrating Sis. Spencer's 73rd birthday with a great dinner on Sunday. Both the dinner and dessert were outstanding. We are so glad we were able to take part in the celebration. The first several pictures below were taken at the dinner.

We are expecting more great things this week from the Lord. Thanks for all your prayers.

God bless,


Pastor Spencer and his birthday bride.

Odie has to catch a ride up the stairs at the "Upper Room" fellowship hall. It's quite a ride.

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