Monday, October 4, 2021

Weekend Write Up 10/4/21

Dad Update: I asked for prayer Thursday for my Dad, Eugene Boggs. He was scheduled to go in Friday for a procedure. The doctor's office called Thursday and rescheduled him for two weeks later. Thank you for praying. I will keep you informed.

Our wonderful weekend began with another trip to Front Porch in Hattiesburg for lunch on Friday. Wow, it was so good! We went with Bro. Scott and Sis. Kim and met another couple from their church and Bro. Kenny Morris and Sis. Joan Morris from Ellisville. It was super to see them for a few minutes.

Friday night was a great finale to the revival in Richton. Praise God for touching us and for touching His people! The service was really good.

After service Friday night we took down the sound system and loaded it into the church. Men, women and children all helped us and we are thankful for it.


Saturday Sis. Kim made a fantastic meal. That woman can cook! Bro. Scott did not do too bad on the steaks himself.

Sunday morning was Homecoming service at First Assembly in Richton and what a service it was. We sang for about 35 minutes, took a break for a few minutes and then sang one more song before preaching.

As soon as the service has over Sunday morning, several men jumped in and helped us tear down and load the equipment in the bus. I think that happened in record time.

We stepped back to the fellowship hall and ate a quick meal before saying goodbye, cranking up the BoggsMobile and hitting the road. We needed to be at Copeland Assembly just across the line in Mississippi as quick as we could get there. 

The route is on small roads, but we hurried as fast as we could. We arrived about 3:00 and by 4:00 the bus was parked, the sound equipment was unloaded and set up and sound check was completed. 

Again, good time! Thankfully we had good help!

I was able to rest a few minutes before getting ready for church and that was a huge help. This is a Choc-Wa fellowship meeting through Tuesday night and there were four or five churches represented. The first night was really good and we are looking for great things the next two nights.

We visited a little while after church and came to the bus by 9:10. And thus we came to the end of a long day and awesome weekend.

Thank you for going along with us, friends.


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