Monday, October 11, 2021

Weekend Write Up 10/11/21

Did you see Odie's deer in her post on Saturday? You need to see that.

I left a few pictures out of our Revival in Pictures post on Friday. Sorry about that, but here they are now.

I can not leave out the tacos! Now, let us talk about the weekend!

We had a wonderful service Thursday night in Thomasville and then folks jumped in and helped us get our sound equipment into the bus. No one owes us that but I sure am thankful when they go that extra mile to assist us, especially now. We visited with Bro. Ben and Sis. Deidre and then KJo helped me hook up the jeep so that it was ready to ride Friday morning.

I put a chip on the bill of my hat. This was Charlie's chip response.

The morning came too soon, but we were cranked up, aired up and pulling out of the church onto HWY 43 at 6:55 AM. We turned on HWY 5 just north of town and followed that all the way to a short run on HWY 11 to I-20/I-59 north of Woodstock, Alabama. 

It was a good clean run on non-interstate roads. I was able to make good time. It was about 110 miles and took us about two hours and ten minutes. Not bad at all.

Thankfully, we hit Birmingham just right and scooted onto I-65 with no problem. We arrived at Love's Travel Plaza in Falkville, Alabama by 10:30. We ate lunch and rested until 1:00 and hit the road again.

The BoggsMobile touched down for the night at another Love's in Columbia, Tennessee. We had a relaxing evening and a good night. I hardly ever sleep REALLY well, but Friday night was a wonderful exception. 

I laid down to sleep at 10:40 and even though I had to get up twice, I went right back to sleep each time and stayed in bed until nearly 9:00 AM. That is ten hours of sleep! Amazing! I could barely walk when I got up, but I would like that problem more often.😁

We took our time Saturday morning meandering through Nashville and after a few stops, we parked for the night at a familiar rest area for us near Horse Cave, KY. That place is huge! I counted about 120 parking places.

Sunday morning we drove about 20 miles north to a Pilot truck stop Sonora, KY.

We dropped the BoggsMobile and drove the Jeep to Hodgenville Pentecostal Church. Sunday was Pastor Appreciation for Pastor David Webb and we were the surprise guest speaker.

The service was great and HPC received us warmly as they always do. They really are super great folks and fantastic friends. Bro. and Sis. Webb said they were completely surprised, so that part of the day was a success.

The dinner was fabulous! Wow! They had tables inside and outside so that everyone could have plenty of room. It was awesome.

As the dinner was winding down, we said our sad goodbyes to Pastor David Webb, his family, the staff and saints at HPC. It was so good to be with them and we were sorrowful to leave so soon.

The Jeep carried us back to the bus and by 3:10 eastern, we were hooked up and ready to ride. We needed to roll some miles under the wheels toward Oklahoma and that is exactly what we did.

I had hoped to slip into church with some friends Sunday evening, but circumstances said otherwise and it was probably for the best. It is a long way from Hodgenville, Kentucky to Sand Springs, Oklahoma.

We drove 162 miles and before dark, we pulled into a Flying J  for the night. We are now about 600 miles to our destination in Oklahoma. We should be able to do that in three days by God's grace!

That wraps up our wonderful weekend. Thank you for stopping by today.



  1. It was great seeing you guys at HPC once again! I hope you can get by more often in the future. Next time you stop at Sonora, let us know, you are only a couple miles from the house.

    1. It was our privilege to be there! We love you all.

      Davy, Kelly Jo and Odie

  2. I sure would have loved to have seen you at Bond Campmeeting this year. I took Mom and we were there for all services Wednesday through Friday night. It was a great meeting. I hope to see y’all soon!


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