Saturday, October 30, 2021

Odie's Deer Song

Hey Friends,

This is Odie checking from Moore, Oklahoma. We are having a fabulous time with our friends a Crosslight! There are still three more services of revival and I am expecting God to move in each service.

Do you remember when I shared about the True Lure No Kill Deer hunt that I experienced last month? You can read all about my amazing hunt by clicking here

I told in my previous post about my deer "Lazarus". Below is a picture of me and my Uncle Danny Morgan with Lazarus. Uncle Danny named him Lazarus, for he was only sleeping. The deer would rise again. Lazarus was snoring away during this picture.

Our friend Terry Cummins read my post about the deer hunt and he and was inspired. Terry remembered the song My name is Lazarus that was made popular by Greater Vision. 

Click here to hear the original Greater Vision song on YouTube. This was released in back 1999. I know most southern gospel fans will remember this Greater Vision classic penned by Rodney Griffin. This song has a good message.

Odie's Deer Song
Terry felt a new 2021 version of the song needed to be written about the deer, Lazarus. Terry called on Bro. Brandon Brown for help. Soon My Name Is Lazarus (Odie) took shape.

All of this transpired without my knowledge. Later I was listening to Terry and Bro. Jimmie Radcliffe as they were discussing Bro. Brandon Brown's new song. That is when I was introduced to My Name Is Lazarus (Odie).

Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard! The song greatly depicts the details of my hunt. I also love that there is a little imagination thrown in for good storytelling. I think this is hilarious and had to share it with you today! Click here to hear the soundtrack to the original song on Youtube. That is the tune the song should be sung or read in.

My Name Is Lazarus(Odie)

One day, four deer stood on the edge of a clearing 
They had just awoken and got out of bed
Fear gripped their heart and suspiciously were looking 
Still they were hungry and longed to be fed

Now we don't know much about these bucks that worried
In West Portsmith Ohio that day
But if we may create an illustration
We'll see what these, stags might have had to say

Suppose that first buck said, I hate to doubt it
That pile of sweet corn is quite a find
It looks delicious there's no doubt about it
But there’s a smell of fried chicken coming from that blind

Suppose that second buck said It could be hunters 
We might be risking injury or becoming maimed
Although our numbers seem to be increasing 
So I don't believe that some of them can aim

Suppose that third buck said I hate to question
But I have heard some strange conspiracies 
They shoot you with a dart & then cut off your antlers
And pose with your body as you snore in your sleep

Then every eye was turned toward the fourth buck
A tag that said 19 hung upon his ten point rack
But all three deer were startled with amazement
When he began to tell the story of his attack 


He said My name is Lazarus could I testify
My name is Lazarus, I’m lucky to be alive
I barely escaped the kiss of death
That corn nearly caused me to take my last breath
If you think that pile of food is worth your head on a wall
Take it from the one who's been shot by Odie Boggs
A living testimony of this death-defying hunt my name is Lazarus

That is the story of my True Lure No Kill Deer Hunt in song. I was hunting for dear number 19 that we named Lazarus. My hunt was successful and Lazarus lives to sing about the experience. LOL

Now the 2021 Odie Version holds a special meaning to me. Here is another connection to the original song and my deer hunt. I had to be carried on a cot by four people to get to my sleeping deer. I actually told them to carry me to Jesus while I was laying on the cot.😂

The Songwriters
This is a picture of me and Terry Cummins. Terry, Thanks for coming up with this idea. You crack me up! Thank you for being a wonderful friend!

This is Bro. Brandon Brown and his wife Sis. Rebecca. Bro. Brandon, thanks for penning these lyrics! Your piece of art blesses me! I know it will continue to bring joy to many people.

Thanks for visiting with me today. I hope that I was able to bring a smile to your face today! I look forward to seeing you back here next Saturday.


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