Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Remodeling Again?

Have you ever known or heard of someone that had a remodeling addiction? It seems they are never satisfied with their house. They go from one remodeling project to the next.

I may be forming my own remodeling addiction. Not of houses but of bumpers.
1996 Prevost XL Vantare
A little over a year ago I changed the two plates that had been on the front of the BoggsMobile and I wrote about it HERE.

These are the before and after pictures.



I was perfectly content with the new look until a dear friend gifted me a great plate. A gift? Oh yeah, on Odie's birthday, I received gifts too. Bro. Galen Cummins gave me three Ohio plates from 1967. Two of them will eventually hang inside the bus barn at home. 

They will do well in the barn until I run across a 67 Camero, 67 pick up or 67 VW.🤣😎

The third one was destined for the front bumper of the BoggsMobile. It is a 1967 plate that was specifically for a bus.

My brother Steve cleaned the surface of the plate and then I sprayed a few thin coats of lacquer. Steve helped me install it on the bumper of the bus.

What do you think?

I really like it a lot! Thank you very much, Bro. Galen! I appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness. I would love to know the history of that plate. 

The BoggsMobile will wear its "new" plate with a smile for many, many miles!

Ohio does not require a regulation license plate on the front of vehicles. KJo asked me if I thought having an actual old plate on the front of the bus is legal. I told her that I think it is fine, but if not,  I imagine we will find out.😍

The Prevost Community plate will go back into the windshield where it rode for years.

That is enough remodeling for now. Thank you for dropping by.


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