Sunday, October 3, 2021

Our View Out The Front Window 10/3/21

Schedule Note: Sunday-Tuesday, October 3-5, we are preaching the Fall Fellowship meeting for the Choc-Wa Fellowship. It was supposed to be at Midway Assembly near St. Stephens, Alabambabut had to be moved to Copeland Assembly due to a funeral. The church is located at 468 Copeland Buckatunna Rd, Millry, AL. Service begins Sunday at 6:00 and Monday and Tuesday at 7:00.

We have never parked at Copeland. We do not know anything about internet connectivity there. If you do not hear from us Monday and Tuesday, you will know why.

This has been our view out the front window this week at First Assembly in Richton, Mississippi.

Sunday Morning Sanity
Behind every good man is an even better woman with a first aid kit.

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