Thursday, October 28, 2021

Praise The Lord!

We had an excellent first night of revival at Crosslight in Moore, Oklahoma! Hallelujah! I am expecting it to be gooder and gooder all the way through Sunday.

Several weeks ago I asked you to pray for my Dad, Eugene Boggs. He was scheduled to have a procedure and we were asking God to help all go well. The day before the surgery the surgeon's office called and told him the procedure was delayed two weeks. Ugh!

Two weeks really drag by when you are in pain and hoping for help! The day arrived and Dad finally had the surgery. The doctor thought everything went very well and we were all glad to hear that.

He came home after a couple of days and it is now nearly two weeks later. He is still very much in the healing process and it remains to be seen how successful the procedure was, but Dad is seeing good signs.

We are praising God for His help and we are believing God for my Dad to be completely well. We do appreciate you all praying for him and several of you asking about how he is doing. Thank you for that very much. God's people continually overwhelm us with kindness.

We have a friend that needed surgery and it was delayed by COVID. She was recently cleared for surgery and came through it well. She is healing up and we are thankful for that too.

Thank you for being our friends and covering us with prayer. We appreciate it! 

Have a great day.


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