Friday, October 15, 2021

It Has Been A Great Week 10/15/21

We have traveled some miles this week, but we are now in position in Oklahoma. We are also glad to have the miles behind us. As you have already read, we left Thomasville, Alabama Friday morning and drove to Hodgenville, Kentucky to sing and preach in the Pastor Appreciation service for Pastor David Webb. Sunday afternoon we turned westward.

We drove 162 miles that evening to a Flying J in Evansville near the Illinois line.

This Flying J has been a regular stopping point for us for 20 years or more. For the last 19 years we have stopped and spent the night in the RV section out in front of the store many times. It has several level places in the well-lit area near the gasoline pumps for cars.

Pilot purchased Flying J years back and the RV spaces have become overflow truck spaces. There are still signs at most Flying J's saying No Truck Parking in the RV area, but it is not enforced any longer. Most of the time we can not get an RV space at all at Flying J. This one had lots of trucks, but there was a place for us too. Yay!

RV Spaces

I-64 seemed especially rough Sunday. I thought we were bouncing a lot more than normal. Yep, we were. Look what  I saw when I stepped outside at Flying J.

I have lost rub rails before, but it has been a long time. I check them periodically and I usually catch the loose ones before they have a chance to fall. This one slipped by me. Ouch! I have a dented one from another bay. I am not sure if it is the right length. I will find out when I get back to the barn.

We were up and rolling early Monday morning. Although it was raining some of the way, we slipped around the south side of St. Louis and eased onto I-44 with no problems.

We stopped for a barge load of fuel and a long nap in Missouri. The sun was shining and it was early so we decided to roll a few more miles. In hindsight, we probably should have called it a day, because we ended up driving 140 miles in the rain. Ugh!

I did have a purpose in driving 380 miles in one day. That was so I could have a day with no driving and that is exactly what we did. We parked at a gravel parking lot turned RV Park behind Lambert's in Ozark, Missouri near Springfield.

Tuesday afternoon Bro. Mitch and Sis. Lynn Boggs carved out some time to meet us for Supper. We enjoyed their company so much!

Wednesday we drove a few more hours in the rain. Ugh! I stopped in at Colaw RV Salvage and Sales at Exit 22 and KJo took advantage of the stop to apply some Rain-X to the windshield.

By the time we hit Oklahoma, the sun was shining. Yay!

We wiggled into the Walmart Parking lot in Claremore, Oklahoma and I rested for a while before we put on our Sunday best, unhooked the Jeep and drove to Westside Holiness Church to show our respects to Sis. Wilma Millikin and her family.

We normally do not take pictures at a wake or funeral, but this display in the lobby was beautiful.

Then it was back to the bus, change into my play clothes, hook up the Jeep and finish the trip to Bethany Holiness Church near Sand Springs, Oklahoma. We pulled up by the door, unloaded our sound equipment and then parked the bus. We had help to do all the work involved and we sure appreciated it!

KJo took these beautiful pictures through the windshield as we were getting close to the church.

As we pulled onto the parking lot Wednesday night at Bethany, that wrapped up 1215 miles since we left Thomasville, Alabama Friday morning.

Thursday morning we set up the sound, got a soundcheck and then spent the day preparing for the first service Sunday night. We did take time to eat some of KJo's world famous tacos for Odie's birthday!

Odie also had a birthday trip to Starbucks.

As I was walking to church Thursday afternoon, I noticed a big dog playing on the playground set.

Can you see him now?

He was curious and friendly!

The first night of Fellowship Revival went pretty good. I know that we sure enjoyed it. Normally, Bethany Holiness Church has a full fledged annual fellowship meeting with meals, days services and the whole thing. Out of caution, they are having Fellowship Revival this year as they did last year with a Homecoming style meal on Sunday and no day services.

It was super great last year and we expect it will be as good this year.

After church, the Cummins and Toliver's had a small informal surprise birthday party for Odie. We appreciate their kindness. I will let Odie show you the pictures later.

That wraps up our week. We will try to post Revival In Pictures on Monday.


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