Friday, October 8, 2021

Revivals In Pictures-Milry and Thomasville, Alabama

Are you ready for Revivals in Pictures? Not Revival but Revivals plural. What a great week of revivals it has been. Sunday through Tuesday we were at Copeland Assembly for the Choc-Wa Fall Fellowship. 

Choc-Wa is a fellowship of about eight churches in Choctaw and Washington counties. They have a summer camp meeting and other fellowship meetings scattered throughout the year.

It was held this year at Copeland Assembly. This is the first time they have had three nights of fall fellowship and we enjoyed being with them. Thank you, dear friends, for having us.

Does he know this bus is insured by GEICO ?

Although we drove about 830 miles to get from our last meetings in Virginia to Richton, Mississippi, we only drove a smidgen over an hour from Richton to Copeland in Alabama on Sunday. Then about two hours over to Thomasville on Wednesday. I could definitely get used to short travel days. Yay!

Wednesday morning we cranked up, attached the Jeep and rolled the wheels to Thomasville.

Bro. Ben Shoemaker came to Thomasville to Pastor early in 2021. Ben is married to our niece Deirdre and they are the proud parents of Charles Ray. Ben invited us to preach a while back and these two nights are all we had on this short jaunt into the south. We had a wonderful time and we look forward to coming back in the future.

Deidre met us when we arrived and opened up the church. As you can see, Charley helped us load in.

Wednesday afternoon we drove up the street to David's Catfish and we enjoyed a wonderful meal. The food was great and the service by Virgie was top notch. We will definitely visit there again soon.

In addition to meeting new friends, we were blessed and totally surprised to see old friends too. Bro. Jerry McDuffie and his wife from the Mobile area drove two hours to be with us Wednesday night. Wow! It was great to see them.

Their niece, Sis. Pam, attends church here and she invited her family members to attend the revival. We have known them all for well over 30 years and it was a thrill to see them.

We were also surprised to see Ryan and to meet his wife. Ryan is Bro. Ronald Hobby's grandson and we have known him all his life.

We really enjoyed both nights of revival in Thomasville. We appreciate Bro. Ben inviting us and his folks embracing us warmly. They were so kind to us. May God bless them for their hospitality.

Thank you for spending a few moments with us. We will hit the road early this morning by God's grace. We have a lot of miles to roll the next several days.


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