Saturday, October 9, 2021

Odie's True Lure No Kill Deer Hunt

Hey Friends,

This is Odie Boggs checking in from my bunk on the BoggsMobile. Today I am here to give you a full report on my deer hunting excursion. It has taken me a couple of weeks to get all my thoughts and pictures together to share with you.

First I want to thank my Uncle Danny Morgan. Uncle Danny got me wanting to hunt many years ago. He was always telling me his stories of hunting. He sparked an interest in me. The love for hunting is something that we have bonded over. I cherish our hunting memories!

Uncle Danny, Papaw Danny and my friend Eric Mefford have spent a lot of time taking me hunting. I appreciated every moment they sacrificed and each dollar that they have spent teaching me the art of hunting.

I first heard about the True Lure Hunt from my Aunt Jeanna Morgan. She works with Donna Bell who told my aunt about True Lure. Donna's husband is Rick Bell and Rick works hard along with Todd Dunn to provide these hunts for disabled hunters.

Aunt Jeana told Donna about my love for hunting and my disability. She also told her about my lack of success in the hunting department. Before I knew it a plan was rolling to get me a deer this year. Thank you, Aunt Jeanna and Donna Bell! 

True Lure No Kill Deer Hunt
Todd Dunn makes a deer lure called True Lure. He owns a deer farm where he provides a home for many deer. The deer must be regularly tranquilized and vaccinated.  Also, Todd needs to harvest what is needed to produce the deer lure. 

This deer farm is set on 26 acres. It is in the pretty country area of West Portsmouth, Ohio. The deer are numbered and free to roam wherever they want on the property. The deer are well loved and cared for. 

Several years ago the idea for True Lure No Kill Deer Hunts was born. Disabled veterans and young people with disabilities are chosen to hunt on set days. They get to experience the thrill of a real deer hunt. The hunter gets to fire the tranquilizer dart shot at their assigned deer. The hunters are given a gold medal and the antlers from their deer. 

A buck naturally sheds his antlers every year but the tranquilized deer loses his while he is sleeping. Jed's Taxidermy creates and donates a full shoulder mount with the antlers. Other hunters donate deer capes for these mounts.

Odie's Hunt September 24, 2021
Here is a glimpse into my True Lure No Kill Deer Hunt. I was able bring a group of people with me for the experience. My support team was Uncle Danny, Papaw Danny, Mom and Gran. I was grateful to have my family with me cheering me on and helping me hunt! 

The day began with prayer, the national anthem and a prep talk. The actual hunt took place in a nice accessible blind. Todd Dunn, Rick Bell and their helpers had prepared everything in advance for a great hunt. 

The guys made sure that I was comfortable. They also worked with me and to make sure that I could aim and hit the deer with practice shots. I appreciate their patience and guidance!

Once we were set up and ready, it was time to hunt. We waited for my assigned deer, number 19. He made us wait around five hours. We watched other deer as they ate near the blind. It was cool to be so close to the deer. My anticipation and excitement grew with each passing moment!

Rick Bell and Todd Dunn were with us leading through the entire process. They treated us so good! While waiting for Mr. 19, we ate lunch!  Thanks to Bowlins Gas Station for providing chicken strips and tater wedges! Several kinds of drinks and snacks were also available!

Uncle Danny named my deer Lazarus. The deer was not going to die but only sleep for a while and then he would rise again. Lazarus showed up close to 4:00PM. I only had an instant to fire the shot to tranquilize him. I was successful at hitting my target area!

Lazarus ran off for his nap. He ran down a ravine into the woods and it was impossible to carry him to me for pictures. We had to change things up and carry me on a stretcher to where he was napping.

Todd, Papaw, Mom and Uncle Danny worked extremely hard to get me to the location! It was not an easy thing for them to do. I appreciate their hard work! I will never forget their labor of love! Gran followed close behind documenting the whole thing.

When we made it to Lazarus he was snoozing away. I was shocked to hear him snoring as we got close to him! We could take pictures, videos and admire him all while he napped peacefully. 

Once we were finished admiring the dear and celebrating with him.  Todd harvested the antlers and gave Lazarus his wake up shot. We had to make the long treacherous trek back through the woods again. I was thankful we made both trips safely!

I am glad to be a member of the True Lure Family. My hunt was number 63. 

My prayers for a successful hunt had been answered! We were also blessed with wonderful weather that day! Thank you, Jesus! After my shot was successful I could not quit smiling. I was jumping for joy, on the inside! I now have my first deer. Lazarus had a true ten point rack. I am the proud owner of his 2021 antlers!

I can not describe how thankful I am for the True Lure No Kill Deer Hunt. Todd Dunn and Rick Bell made my dreams of being a successful deer hunter a reality! It is impossible for me to fully express my gratitude to everyone involved! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thanks for allowing me to hunt with you all!

The people in The True Lure organization are doing fantastic work helping those with disabilities. They make dreams come true for impaired hunters! My hunt was life changing. The entire experience was incredible and I will never forget my hunt! Click here to see more of their work on Facebook. Scroll down to the September 24th post to see Todd's picture from our hunt.

I gained two new friends in Rick Bell and Todd Dunn. Both men have served our country. They still love and honor it today! Todd loves to help others hunt and see them happy. Rick is a Green Beret Veteran of Desert Storm. His service to our country left him with injuries that make him use a wheelchair. Rick refuses to let his circumstance hinder him from living life to the fullest. He is an inspiration to me!

Thank you to all of my family members that made this hunt possible! I appreciate your hard work and encouragement! You all are a big reason why I had a successful hunt! I love and appreciate you dearly!

There you have the story of my first successful deer hunt. It was an awesome day. I am thrilled that I could relive it with you all virtually. I hope you enjoy the pictures posted below. These were taken by Mom, Uncle Danny and Todd Dunn.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Congratulations on a great buck and successful hunt!

    1. Bro. Matt,
      Thank you so much! I appreciate your support and encouragement.

  2. That’s awesome sister! Congrats!!
    I would probably be nervous the deer would wake up haha

    1. Evan,
      Thank you, Bro! I was a little nervous that he would wake up prematurely. They assured me that he was out until his wakeup shot.

  3. That was awesome Odie! Well written and captivating as a story. I’m so proud of you for hanging in there. Really cool.

    1. Thank you, Todd, for the comment. I am glad you enjoyed the post! I had so much fun hunting for this deer! It was a cool experience!

  4. So proud of you and Lazarus and the people that provide this service..Glad you had a great time...Uncle Larry


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