Saturday, October 16, 2021

Odie's Birthday Memories

Hey Friends,

This is Odie checking in from Oklahoma. I hope you are doing well on this beautiful day that our Lord made for us! I have had a really good week. 

Thursday my life's calendar flipped another page. I am now 36 years old! How in the world did that happen to me? Time flies by faster every year!

This is our online journal and I like to look back on my birthdays and relive some of my memories. It has been a few years since I compiled my birthday memory list. I decided to update my list for this today's post. This year I added some extra commentary and pictures from some of my past birthdays. 

October 14, 1985, I was born in Dayton, Ohio at Miami Valley Hospital. I arrived 8 weeks early. Thankfully I do not remember that rough day. 

My parents told me that I was born on a Monday night, Columbus Day and the day after the Sauerkraut Festival in our hometown of Waynesville, Ohio. That is why I say I have sauerkraut flowing through my veins.

1986-1990 Ages 1-5 Ohio. 
We lived in Waynesville, Franklin and Chautauqua, Ohio during those years. I know I had birthday parties for each year with our family. The first one I actually remember was my third birthday party. 

We were supposed to be in revival in Texas for my 5th birthday but our car broke down. The revival was delayed a few days and I spent my birthday in Ohio.

1991 Age 6 Dundee, Florida. 
I had a birthday party with the school kids from a church in Dundee, Florida at the park. My cake that year was made by Sis Claudette Howard. Odie, the dog, my namesake was on thcake.

1992 Age 7 California 
We spent the day touring San Francisco and we had a small party in our hotel room with Pastor Rickey Searcy and family. I will never forget that birthday!

Ages 8-13 Ohio
We lived in three different towns in Ohio during this time frame. I had two birthdays in each house and I have listed those places below. I have many great memories from my birthdays and parties at home.

Here is a fun fact, somewhere along the way, we started putting our Christmas tree up before my birthday. It was the backdrop for my birthday pictures.

1993-1994 Ages 8-9 I had these birthdays in Franklin, Ohio on Second Street.

1995-1996 Ages 10-11 I celebrated these birthdays in Miamisburg, Ohio on Nicholson Road.  My parents always had birthday parties for me until my 11th birthday. 

Birthday 11 we celebrated at J Alexanders restaurant. I was allowed to choose a friend to go with us. We were joined by my friend and cousin Rebecca "Lakes" James and my grandparents for that special dinner.

1997-198 Ages 12-13 We lived in West Carrollton, Ohio on Glenada Court for this time.

For my 13th birthday, we had a big birthday bash with family. Special birthday gifts that I remember from that year, my first non-disposable camera and a blue cordless phone for my room. I thought I was cool. 

1999 Age 14 Ohio
We lived in Kansas but we were in revival in Ohio on my birthday. I remember that my birthday dinner was at Olive Garden.

2000-2001 Ages 15-16 Kansas 
For my 15th birthday, I remember that we had some special company visiting from Ohio, Ray and Beaulah Driscoll. The Day started with the yearly Pancake Breakfast at the local grocery store. Leeker's sponsored a yummy breakfast every year for the community. Later in the day, we visited Carriage Crossing in Yoder, Kansas for dinner.

My 16th birthday was October 14, 2001, my Pastor, Bro. Bennie Sutherland had been preaching the Mt. Vernon Fellowship Meeting in Oklahoma  City the weekend of my birthday. He came to Wichita Kansas and preached the Sunday night of my birthday at our church. 

After church, my parents had a surprise party for me with the whole church and even the Searcy's from Oklahoma City at Godfather's Pizza! It was a special day that I will never forget.

2002 Age 17 Texas
We were living in Kansas, but on my birthday we were traveling to preach a revival in El Mirage, Arizona. We stopped and ate my birthday dinner in Amarillo, Texas. That was my first visit to The Big Texan. 

2003 Age 18 Missouri
This was our first year that we were back on the road traveling. We were in revival for Bro. Dwayne Watson in Joplin, Missouri. Dad and Mom had to spend the whole day working on problems with our old fifth-wheel trailer. 

Little did I know after church they had planned a surprise party with a bunch of my friends from Missouri and Kansas at Wendy's. I have a funny memory from that night. My birthday cake had blue icing and the majority of us ended up having blue teeth after eating my birthday cake.

2004 Age 19 Ohio

I was home in Ohio spending the week with my family. The weekend before we got to enjoy the Sauerkraut Festival. 

2005 Age 20 Georgia
We were near Atlanta, Georgia in revival. I had a superb birthday lunch at Ruth's Chris steakhouse. It was so good that I still remember it to this day. Then Dad took me shopping!! It was a wonderful day.

2006 Age 21 Texas
We were in revival in Gainesville, Texas for this one. We celebrated by eating and shopping in the Dallas Fort Worth area. This is still one of my favorite areas to shop. Well, at least pre-Covid it was still a great place.

2007 Age 22 North Carolina
We were in revival at Paw Creek in Charlotte, North Carolina. I was able to celebrate with friends and my parents. During the week one day, my parents took me to eat at Carrabba's for a scrumptious meal!

2008 Age 23 Tennessee
We were in revival for Bro. Herman Woods at Beechfork Holiness Church in Wartburg, Tennessee. I enjoy it when my birthday lands close to our visits to Beechfork. This is a beautiful time of year to be in Tennessee.

2009 Age 24 Oklahoma
We were in Sand Springs, Oklahoma in revival for Bro. Darrel Toliver. It was also Taylor Toliver's birthday. We celebrated together.

2010 Age 25 California
We were in Riverdale, California preparing to record our live album "Havin' Church", the next day. My friend Brentni flew in for my birthday and the recording. Here is a picture of me and Courtney Spencer on my 25th birthday.

My birthday party was later in the month at Bro. Chuck and Sis. Lyndsey Spencer's house. We introduced them that night to German Sundaes.

2011 Age 26 Tennessee
We were in Tennessee in revival at Beechfork Holiness Church. Mamaw, Papaw, Lisa and Deidre made the trip from Ohio to be with me for my birthday. It was a fantastic way to spend my birthday.

2012 Age 27 Louisiana
We were in revival in Pine Prairie, Louisiana. Pictures reminded me that Mom fixed my favorite birthday meal for me, German Sundae's.

2013 Age 28 Texas
The celebrations started early in 2013. Before my birthday the three of us celebrated my birthday early with our first visit to Katz Deli. Oh my goodness, the best Ruben sandwiches that you will ever eat.

Pastor Donnie Goodwin celebrated my birthday our whole revival in Livingston, Texas. The revival was the week leading up to my birthday. Bro. Donnie ordered me a birthday dessert at every place that we ate lunch and had them sing to me!

On the actual day of my 28th birthday, we were starting a revival in Sweeny. Texas.

2014 Age 29 California
We were in revival in Bloomington, California. That night at church I struggled to remember words to songs.  Mom looked at me and said, boy 29 is hard on you.

2015 Age 30 Alabama
The Blue and White Tent was up in Millry, Alabama. My parents surprised me with a cake and videos from friends and family wishing me a Happy Birthday. 

2016 Age 31 North Carolina
We were having City Reach under the tent in Fayetteville, North Carolina. I will never forget that birthday week in Fayetville!

After revival, my parents worked hard to make it possible for us to cross paths with the Isaacs! That was a great way to end a tent revival week. The Isaacs are singing at this venue again this weekend. I will not be there this time around.

2017 Age 32 Missouri
We were in revival in West Plains, Missouri at Junction Hill Pentecostal Church. The entire Galiher family made my birthday special! My awesome friend Brentni Hrapeck surprised me by showing up at church that night.

2018 Age 33 Oklahoma 
Dad was preaching the fellowship meeting at Mt. Vernon Holiness Church. It is great to be surrounded by wonderful friends in Oklahoma City on my birthday. 

Our friend Esther Richards surprised us on Saturday night. She drove all the way from Wichita, Kansas to tell me Happy Birthday in person.  That is an incredible friend and I will never forget her gesture of love!

2019 Age 34 Ohio
I actually spent this birthday in Hillsboro with Mom's family! I was home to deer hunt. 

Also, I was able to celebrate my grandparent's 52 wedding anniversary with the family too.

2020 Age 35 Missouri
We were in revival at Junction Hill Pentecostal Church. This was my second time spending my birthday in West Plains. The Galiher family makes sure that birthdays are fun. 

Sis. Brenda fixed me a delicious birthday lunch and we capped the celebration off with an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen!

2021 Age 36 Oklahoma
This year my birthday was spent in Sand Springs, Oklahoma again. Just like on my 24th birthday we are at Bro. Toliver's. This year it is Fellowship Meeting weekend at Bethany Holiness Church. This was a great way to start a new year of life.

Our dear friends in the Cummins and Toliver families had a small informal gathering Thursday night after church for my 36th birthday. Bro. Galen and Sis. Joy Cummins hosted it in their home. It was beautiful. Thank you, dear friends.

I am ready to see what adventures life will hold for me this year! God has blessed me abundantly all of my life! My heart is so thankful today!

Thanks for stopping by to visit with me today. I hope you have a great weekend



  1. SisOdie, You're definitely a Loving-ANGEL & it's written all over YOU, Love-YOU !~!, the Shifletts.

    Frank Shiflett

  2. Frankie,
    You are very kind my dear friend. Love you all!

  3. Happy birthday sister!!! Thank you for your friendship. I appreciate y’all.


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