Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Running Behind

I think a lot of you must have enjoyed the pictures from the weekend post yesterday. We heard from more of you than usual about the pictures. Thank you. Your feedback is always appreciated.

After a great night of sleep on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights were much shorter and more like normal. Ugh! 

Sunday night was exceptionally short and we had a long driving day in the rain Monday. All is well. The bus is running fine. All three of us are doing fine. We are making good time and on schedule to be in Oklahoma on time.

I am running a bit behind though. I did not save time Monday night to work on Tuesday's post. For some reason I thought laying my head on the pillow was more important this time.😉

Hopefully, I will be back Wednesday with "A Word For Wednesday" video. I usually try to get that done by Monday night too. Oops, I am running behind.

Thank you for checking on us.


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