Monday, December 30, 2019

Our Weekend In The Rearview Mirror 12/30/19

It was a busy, wonderful weekend and we enjoyed every busy, wonderful minute of it. During the day on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, I have been whittling away at the big list of things that need to be accomplished at the bus, the barn and the house. The weather has been beautiful so that has helped a lot.

Thursday night was the first night of revival at Dryden Rd. We have been in church every night since then and we have been having a wonderful time.

We will have a bunch more pictures from revival later, but here are a few.

Friday night we went to Bro. Jeff and Sis. Debbie Roberts house after church with several others. They have been having us over during the New Year's revival for years and we always enjoy it.

Saturday afternoon, Bro. Katte and Sis. Laura invited us into their home for some traditional African food. They are originally from Cameroon, but they sure did make me homesick of Nigeria. We love these folks and we love spending time with them.

After church Saturday night, we left for the 200 mile drive to Hodgenville Pentecostal Church in Hodgenville, Kentucky. We were scheduled to preach their 5th Sunday service before Bro. Sutherland called me about revival at Dryden Rd. He was gracious to allow us to be gone Sunday morning.

We had a wonderful service at HPC. We enjoyed singing and preaching and it was terrific to see people responding in the altar. We love Bro. David Webb and his people and we are always blessed to be there in their services. Odie took a few pictures.

Not long after service, we were peddling the Green Machine north toward Dayton as fast as we could. Traffic was heavier on the return trip and it took us a little longer, but we pulled into Dryden Rd. at 4:30 Sunday afternoon. I leaned the car seat back and took a 25 minute nap. Wow! I felt like a new man!

The service Sunday night was amazing from the very beginning. Bro. Bennie had his finger on the pulse of the service and he exhorted us into a wonderful worship service. He turned the service to us, but the worship service never really ended. We followed right in the same vane and God touched a bunch of folks including us.

Praise God for helping His people. WE are so needy and He loves to come to our rescue.

We had not eaten a regular meal Sunday so after church we met my brother Steve at Frisch's in Franklin. We had a good meal and wonderful fellowship to wrap up a super great weekend.

Thank you for reading today. If you are near, please come be with us in revival tonight and Tuesday. We would love to have you.


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