Monday, August 3, 2020

What's Up, Weekend? 8/3/2020

This weekend has been all about this Tent/Cruise-In Revival so that is pretty much what you get in this weekend post. I hope that is a good thing for you all because it is very good in our book.

Friday we had more to do to get ready for revival than we could reasonably do together so KJo and I decided to divide and conquer as much as possible. She went one direction and I went the other and then we joined forces that afternoon to finish the preparations.

One of my tasks Friday morning was to get our sound equipment from the bus to the tent. I backed the big tent trailer next to the BoggsMobile and used a dolly to transfer it. The ground was way too muddy to do it any other way.

We began setting up sound at 4:00 PM and by 7:00 PM we were set up and ready for the 8:00 PM service to begin. I love it when everything comes together. We still had things to work through, but mostly everything was in place.

Saturday was supposed to be a rainy day and the evening was supposed to be clear. As often happens with forecasts like that, the rain held off a few hours and blew in late afternoon. We had clear weather to set up for church and then as I started preaching the sky opened up.

Rain, rain, rain, didn't it rain!

We made sure the equipment was under the tent and carried on. We have an FM transmitter hooked up so most people were able to listen on their car radio. We had great positive responses afterward so we are praising God for His help.

Sunday morning it was cool! August 2 was cool! That is awesome. I spent the morning and a big part of the day trying to pray and seek God's face. The sun came out in the late afternoon and completed a beautiful day!

The weather at service time was perfect and the crowd was great too. We are praising God for the response of the people. I could be preaching and we could be singing to an empty parking lot, but thankfully we are not.

Odie and others took some great pictures both nights and I will post them below.

Pictures from Odie Saturday.

Picture from Lisa Isaacs 

Picture from Steve Boggs watching from Wichita, Kansas.

From Lisa 

From Theresa 

From Odie 

Here are the services from Saturday and Sunday.

Thank you for stopping in for a few minutes.


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