Friday, August 21, 2020

Revival In Pictures - Lawton, OK

Friday is normally reserved for Revival In Pictures and this Friday is no different. Our revival is online this week so we have no pictures of eating with the Pastor or the BoggsMobile parked at the church. Instead, we are parked at East Tennessee in Vonore, Tennessee and the BoggsMobile itself is serving as our church building.

There must be at least one picture of food!

And pictures of people participating in revival.

From Cousin George and Dianna Boggs 
Grayson, Kentucky 
We love ❤️ this group 

The BoggsMobile was pulled into the shop Thursday. That will merit its own post later.

Our online revival is specifically for our friends at Landmark Holiness Church in Lawton, Oklahoma. Wednesday night they gathered at their church and we joined their service in progress. Here they are responding to the sermon Wednesday night. I think this is so beautiful. It sure makes me want to be there!

Dad and Mom brought Odie down Wednesday and we enjoyed spending some time with them Wednesday and Thursday.

We are having a great time and I believe the Lord is helping us each and every night. This is the video from Thursday night.

Tonight will wrap up the revival and we would love to have you join us. Thank you for stopping by here today.


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