Monday, August 17, 2020

What's Up Weekend? 8/17/2020

Tuesday evening Dad and Mom came over and visited while we were hooking the bus to the tent trailer and Dad helped me do a few things while they were there. It was nice to spend a few minutes with them before we left.

Last week I sowed some grass seed in a couple of bare spots in Odie's grass. It is coming up pretty good, but always needs a bit more water.

We left the Lazy OD Ranch Wednesday morning about 8:30 AM. 

Our first stop was only four miles away at a parking lot where we parked the BoggsMobile and went into the bank. Some more money had come in for Nigeria missions and I was able add some to it and wire it to Bro. Shobanke.

The bus was moving again a few minutes after 9:00 and we pretty much kept going all day. There was a slight slow down in Cincinnati, but we were able to slide around it with ease. There were no slowdowns in Lexington or Knoxville or anywhere along the way.

I have a tire on my tag axle that is wearing weirdly, so we took our sweet time all day Wednesday. We were headed to East Tennessee Luxury Coach to change the tire and get it looked over and I wanted to make sure I made it without a blowout.

The 327 mile trip took us about 7 hours. We hit mostly good traffic and soon we were pulling into our Tennessee home. It is always great to see Jeff Rowe and his gang here. They treat us like family and we keep coming back for more. We pray daily for Jeff and his business. It is a huge blessing to us to have someone that knows so much about buses and is honest and fair.

Thursday Jeff and his removed the original refrigerator from the BoggsMobile in preparation for installing a replacement. The fridge is over 25 years old and original to our bus. It was obviously installed before the finished ceiling and 14 years before we raised the floor level 1/2" with new flooring. I will just say it took some convincing to come out.

These people are the right men for the job though and soon it was gone. I will have pictures and more description later by God's grace.

Friday and Saturday I worked on trying to be ready to preach Sunday morning and revival all week long. It was so nice to have several hours each day to saturate my mind with the Bible. We will find out Monday if it worked.🤪 

Saturday evening I carried in KJo's keyboard along with the stand and bench. We are going to have online revival Monday through Friday at 9:00 PM each night. We needed to get a soundcheck and I am glad we did. We had some major interference, but we got it taken care of.

Sunday morning we were off to be with our friends at Beechfork Holiness Church about 90 minutes away. It was great to see Pastor Herman Woods, Sis. Margaret and all the saints at Beechfork. We had a wonderful service and I really enjoyed singing and preaching.

The Lord blessed us after church with wonderful fellowship and we arrived back at the BoggsMobile after 4:00. After we got back to the bus, we realized we did not take one picture of our friends! Ugh!

I spent more time in sermon preparation and listening to a few hours of preaching. It was a great Sunday evening.

Thank you for checking on Mile Markers today.


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