Saturday, August 8, 2020

Missouri State Representative Mitch Boggs

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in for another post. I hope that you are doing good! I am doing well myself. It is great to be visiting with you.

Are you ready for some good news? Our dear friend, Bro. Mitch Boggs, is a winner! For the last year, he has been running in the Republican primary for Missouri State Representative in District 157. (I borrowed this picture from Bro. Mitch online.)

We were excited for them as the campaign progressed. We got to see them a couple weeks before the election. On August 4th the people of that area of Missouri cast their votes. Mitch Boggs came out victorious in district 157! He won the primary and from what we understand, that ensures he will be the next representative in his district. 

Bro. Mitch is a wonderful man! We love him and his entire family so much! They are fabulous people. Everybody that knows them loves them! We claim them as family. Somewhere down the line, our families have to connect.

We are excited about this new chapter of his life! Congratulations to our friend and his family on their victory! I know He will do the job to the best of his ability.  He will take excellent care of his district. Bro. Mitch will try to point his people toward God in all of his endeavors! His life will be a shining light for God! He will be a phenomenal representative.

I could not personally vote for him, but I was cheering him on from Ohio! I was excited to get the news of his win on election night! I did a victory dance in my wheelchair when the text came in. I am proud of my precious friend! 

I just wanted to give you something exciting during these difficult times.  Bad news is hounding all of us constantly. This just a little reminder that is is possible to victorious.

I will close with a few pictures of Bro. Mitch and his family. These pictures I found in a quick search of my archives. I decided to share my favorites with you. Bro. Mitch and Sis. Lynn and their family have visited us in a myriad of states over the years. We love spending time with them anywhere we can. Thanks for stopping by to read this post. I will see you next time. 


Ohio in 2015

Ohio in 2017

Oklahoma in 2018

Kansas in 2018

Colorado in 2019

Kansas in 2020

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