Saturday, August 15, 2020

The Medows One Song

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in. How are you doing? Things are going great for me. I am happy to visit with you again. Thank you to our faithful readers!

Welcome To Boggs Blogs
I wanted to take a second to say, welcome if you are a new reader. We love to meet new readers/friends. Please take a few moments to get acquainted with Davy, Kelly and Odie. This is the online home of Boggs Family Ministries. Please visit us on YouTube and we would love to have you subscribe. Click here to find our channel.

I know some of our readers think that it is me, Odie, that does all of the writing here. I do enjoy writing a weekly post for Saturday. The truth is, Davy, my Dad writes the majority of the posts. He writes a post faithfully Sunday through Friday. Thanks, Dad for making the blog an enjoyable read. I really do appreciate your hard work!

We mostly use this as a space to chronicle our adventures on the road. In the ten years plus of Mile Markers we have written about a multitude of our adventures and topics! We have also posted a million pictures or so.

I also like to use Mile Markers to take the opportunity to introduce you to some of our friends.

The Meadows
Today I am showcasing three amazing individuals from Bristow, Oklahoma. Shalaysa, Courtney and Drew are siblings and collectively make up The Meadows. They are incredible singers. This next statement shows my age, but I was friends with their parents before any of them entered this world. I feel like it happened in the blink of an eye!

It has been a joy to watch them grow into Godly young people. They are already leaving a special mark in life. Bro. Douglas and Sis. Cecily Meadow, their parents are phenomenal people and are role models in my life. They have raised their children to love God and work in the ministry.

Spring of 2020 The Meadows released a brand new recording. It is titled One Song. I was blown away by the awesome singing that I heard on this project! I am extremely proud of my friends!

The Meadows worked with an amazing producer on the album, Gordon Mote. He is a musical genius! Gordon's talents leave me speechless. His musical fingerprints are all over this entire recording!

Shay, Courtney and Drew, I am so proud of you! Your talents are incredible! You have a right to be proud of One Song. I know this was a labor of love. The hard work paid off. I am very proud to say that The Medows are my friends! You have to autograph my CD next time that we are together.

You can find more information about this trio on their website by clicking here. I recommend adding One Song to your music collection! 

It is available on Apple Music, I love having it on my phone. Click here to find it on Apple Music. It may be on more of the digital platforms. I only use the Apple Music for my digital downloads of music.

One Song is a CD that I quickly ordered a hard copy for my library.  I still love holding the actual CD and artwork in my hand! I like to know all the details about a good project. 

You can also order your hard copy of the project online here. I will also include the contact information that is on their website. It will not get you any special treatment, but tell The Meadows that Odie sent you! ☺

The Meadows 
Phone: 918-924-6272
PO Box 1264
Bristow, OK 71010

I hope you enjoy the talent and the anointed music of this trio like I do. They are worth supporting. Let me know if you get the project for your music collection.

Thanks for reading.


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