Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Vintage View Vednesday 2014 Bristol, VA Tent Revival

Our last revival here at Grace Tabernacle was in May 2018. It was also a church revival, but that Wednesday I posted pictures of our first tent revival here in 2013 as part of Vintage View Vednesday. We are back again enjoying a wonderful week of revival inside the church.

For this Vintage View Vednesday, I found a gaggle of pictures in the archives of our tent revival in Bristol in September 2014. The tent revival in 2013 was at the church, but the 2014 tent revival was off the hill and across HWY 11. It was a wonderful location and we had a super revival.

I have enjoyed these pictures so much. We had friends visiting this area, others from Mississippi, my parents came down from Ohio and I also had a first cousin that lived locally visit with his wife and daughter. Sadly, that first cousin passed away suddenly a few years later, but I am so glad I got to be in church with him under the tent.

I hope you enjoy Vintage View Vednesday. Thank you for stopping by today.


Our dear friends from Ohio Bro. Bob and Sis. Tish Rice. They are Virginia residents now and it was a treat to get to see them. 

In this picture, you can see the tent from the church.

Eugene and Martha Boggs

Pastor David Horton and Davy

Bro. Michael Switzer and Davy

We had a visit Friday night from my cousin Mike Kramer. Mike his wife Polly and their daughter Jessica lived "locally" near Kingsport, Tennessee. It had been years since our paths crossed. It was wonderful to see them again! 

Three pictures of Mike and his family. 

Odie looking for her prince!

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