Saturday, August 29, 2020

Prepared For The Ketchup Apocalypse

Hey Friends,

This is Odie stopping by for a quick chat with you. I hope this finds you doing well today! I am doing really good. It is great to be catching up with my friends today.

We closed revival last night in Bristol, Tennessee and we are now pointed toward St. Stephens, Alabama. We are hoping to avoid the remnants of Hurrican Laura as much as possible, but it has been raining all night in Bristol.

What have you been shopping for lately? I went over 4 months without going into a store this year. I have done a lot of shopping online for years, but this year the majority of my shopping this year has been online due to COVID. 

Mom has been going to the grocery store for most of our food needs recently. There is one essential item in our house that has been hard to find. We really enjoy Ketchup made by Hellman's. It is so good and it is sweetened with only honey and is low in sugar

It has been very hard to find during the pandemic, like a lot of other things. Thanks to a FedEx delivery we are back in business in the ketchup department of life. We are prepared for the coming Ketchup apocalypse and do not have to panic anymore. 

I found that I could order the Hellman's Ketchup online and have it sent to my door. Mom told me to stock up while we were home. Walmart sold it in two packs for a good price. 

When I logged on to the website to place my order I found that I needed a certain dollar amount to get to the free two day shipping. This meant I ended up ordering five of the two packs, which equaled ten bottles of ketchup. We will be set for a while on ketchup.

I placed the order on a Tuesday evening. Thursday morning the box was sitting on my porch. Inside I found ten Individual bottles of Hellmans Ketchup waiting for me. I thought it was funny that is was sold as a two pack, but they were not packaged that way.

Here is a picture of our ketchup stockpile. I set aside two bottles to use at my house. Mom took two bottles two the BoggsMobile and the rest are stored away. I now have a special shelf for ketchup in a cabinet.

Have you had trouble finding anything?  Do you have a stockpile of anything abnormal?

Thanks for reading! I appreciate all of you!



  1. SisOdie, this Hellman's ketchup sounds good, going to have to get myself some. Heinze ketchup have been my favorite in the past but since they've merge with Kraft I don't like the ketchup as well, appears to be thinned out more.
    We've been ordering online mostly through Sam's since last March & ordering via email to various grocery store & then just drive up to pick up, they bring it out to Your car. So far we've been able to get everything we wanted satisfactory, TXS! to GOD !~!, YoFrankie.


    1. Frankie,
      Good to hear from you, friend! Let me know what you think, when you try Hellmans ketchup. I really like the taste of it!

      I am thankful that you and Pat have been able to get your groceries easily. I love and miss y’all!



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