Monday, July 13, 2020

What's Up, Weekend? 7/13/2020

Friday was supposed to be hot, hot, hot! Thankfully a line of storms went by us in the early afternoon and cooled it down again. It was near 90 at church time plus humidity, but it was not too bad. Praise The Lord!

We had another good crowd Friday night under the tent and I think it finished up well. I would always like my part to be better, but I believe the Lord helped us. After church, we loaded out sound equipment into the Green Machine and Bro. Jimmie Radcliffe's truck and then helped Bro. Joseph Hunt get his tent down.

I forgot the first two pictures from Thursday. The rest are from Friday evening.

These pictures are from Sis. Hunt.

A couple of young men followed us to the church and helped me and Bro. Jimmie load the equipment into the bus. That was a big help!

After great fellowship with Bro. Jimmie and Bro. Kevin and Sis. Teresa, we stumbled into bed way too late. Thankfully, we did not have to be in a big hurry Saturday, so there was no early morning wake up call.

We loafed around Saturday until we arrived at Flying J in Tulsa and did the work of the evangelist. Then we parked and my loafing really kicked into the gear the rest of the afternoon and evening.

It was warmish Saturday.

I put up some video from Tuesday's service, Wednesday's service and Thursday night too. There is more to come later.

Sunday did not goes as planned, no, not at all. Pastor Darrel Toliver had called a few days before asking us to sing and preach in their Sunday night service. We agreed and we were looking forward to it so very much.

However, shortly after midnight Saturday, I developed a fever. It lasted about 4-5 hours and left me sore in my joints and with a headache. I was pretty sure that I did not have Covid, but the prudent thing to do was call Pastor Toliver and cancel. I hated to do that, but he was kind and understanding.

I did not and do not want to be responsible for taking Covid into a church and spreading it around. We have tried to be as careful as we can and the last thing I want to do is get a virus and pass it on to someone else, especially if I know I have a fever.

It took a bunch of effort and searching, but we found a place in Sapulpa that does rapid testing. I received the last test of the day and thankfully, it was negative. Since I had only had the fever the night before, the doctor advised me to isolate 2-4 days and see how I felt. If I have no more symptoms, then great. If I develop more symptoms then she said I should test again.

That pretty much shot Sunday in the head, but thank God for the negative test. Let's hope and pray it holds. Thank you for reading today.


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