Friday, July 17, 2020

Prayer For Friends, Please

We lost a dear friend this week as a result of all this coronavirus mess. Many years ago we met Bro. Ken and Sis. Sylvia Taylor from Bristow, Virginia. We were introduced to them by the Burris family in California.

The Burris family and the Taylor family are connected by the marriage of Benji Burris and Laura Taylor Burris. We love both of these families and we have had many, many great times with them.

Through the years, we have enjoyed several wonderful revivals in Bristow, Virginia for Bro. and Sis. Taylor. They have Pastored there for decades and we always have loved going there.

Late Tuesday night Sis. Taylor passed away suddenly and completely unexpectedly. We started getting texts within an hour and then we begin to contact some of the family. Our hearts were broken and we could only imagine the grief of Bro. Taylor, the five boys, Sis. Laura, the inlaws and all the grandchildren.

My God, please help all our dear friends!

These pictures are from 2018.

I know this is affecting all of us in some way. It affects our work, our worship, our travels and so many other aspects of life., But losing a family member or friend, must be the hardest of all. Let us lift this family up to God.

Thank you for praying for our friends. They need God's comfort and peace, now and for many days ahead.


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