Monday, July 20, 2020

Change and Arrange

We are changing and arranging.

As you probably know, many churches have been shut down again and many more are shutting down again. They are temporarily closing their in-person services to either contain a Covid outbreak or to prevent one.

That has certainly affected us on this trip and is continuing to affect us. We certainly understand it, agree with it and there is nothing at all that can be done but change and adapt. Our schedule

Due to Covid, the revival that was scheduled to begin next Sunday in Claremore, Oklahoma has been postponed to a date to be determined. We will miss seeing our friends in Claremore on this circle, but we want to keep everyone healthy and to remain healthy ourselves.

Rather than schedule that empty week out here in Oklahoma, we have decided to go home. I have talked with Pastor Kelly Rogers this week and we have decided together on a course of action. Bro. Rogers is the Pastor at Dodds Pentecostal Church right next to Odie's house.

We are going to try to setup a tent in the grass right next to the church parking lot and have a combination tent/drive up revival. My thinking is that we will have service under the tent with no seating for the congregation. The congregation will sit in their cars with the AC on if necessary.

Churches are interested in having revival, but some members are uncomfortable with people coming from all different places. It is a concern that is rooted in fact. Several Covid outbreaks seem to have been fueled at revivals, meetings, funerals and weddings where people were gathered from several various places.

We plan to begin revival on Friday, July 31 and go through at least Friday August 7. We will have about an hour service beginning at 8:00 PM. We are praying that the Lord will meet us in a powerful way as we try to adapt the method of revival to these strange times.

I hope to speak with Miami Missionary Tent Company this morning to check on the possibility of us swinging by there to purchase a small tent top for this adventure. There is no sense in setting up my smallest tent, 48' round, if I can purchase a 20' round one inexpensively. I already have the poles, stakes, center pole and straps, so the top should not be unreasonable.

One of the reasons I am checking into a smaller tent is that my 48' round requires a whole lot of help to put up. KJo and I should be able to put up a small tent ourselves or with minimal help.

I will keep you posted on developments. We appreciate you praying for us. We are off to a good start this week in Wichita. Praise God for a super great Sunday.

Thank you for stopping by.


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