Saturday, July 18, 2020

National Ice Cream Montth

Hey Friends,

This is Odie checking in today. Is it burning up hot where you are located? It is officially HOT summertime here in the United States! I am thrilled to be hot! Winter lasted so long this year that I wondered if summer would ever come again.

Thank God for good air conditioners and fans that give us a little reprieve from the heat. Ice cream is a yummy treat that helps us stay cool too. Summer and ice cream just go hand in hand. I actually love ice cream any time of the year.

Both of my grandfathers suffer from an ice cream addiction. My goose is cooked because they both passed the addiction on to me. Life is better when ice cream is involved in my day.

July 1st my cousin, Courtney, alerted me that July is National Ice Cream Month. We both will gladly celebrate this national holiday several times during the month of July.

This is what Google told me about National Ice Cream Month
"President Ronald Reagan declared July as National Ice Cream Month in 1984 and since then, ice cream companies across the United States have recognized the month as a chance to enjoy a sweet treat during summertime."
Thank you, President Reagan, for recognizing the greatness of ice cream! You are now for sure my favorite president! I am proud that my life began during your administration. You gave me a frozen, solid, foundation to stand on. LOL

I spread the word of this extra special holiday to both of my Papaws. They were thrilled to celebrate our shared love for Ice cream. I am currently not home to enjoy the delicious treat with them. Just know we will find a reason to indulge on my next stop at home. The picture posted above and below are from previous visits. 

Papaw Eugene loves an ice cream cake for his birthday.

My Aunt Theresa sent me this next picture from Papaw's birthday this year. It is not officially his birthday until the ice cream cake comes out.

My Papaw Danny found his dream Ice cream cone at Whit's Frozen Custard last year. It is just the right size.

Mamaw sent me this picture in a text a while ago. Both of my Papaws were together. Our cousin Bennie Purkey was also with them. They were enjoying dinner at the Ponderosa in Hillsboro, Ohio. I know a lot of ice cream was probably consumed by those three that evening.


Oh, the sweetness and fun that ice cream brings into our lives. Thanks to my awesome Papaw's for sharing the love with me! 

I love chocolate and flavors that involve chocolate. My current favorite is Almond Joy from Whit's Frozen Custard. My Aunt Theresa dropped off a quart of Almond Joy at my house during the quarantine. It was Heavenly mana! I savored each bite and made it last a long time. It was love at first bite! I immediately melted into a chocolate puddle and decided that Almond Joy would be served in Heaven.

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a terrific weekend. Do you enjoy ice cream? What are your favorite flavors? I am signing off to go find some ice cream.


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