Tuesday, July 7, 2020

A Pretty Good Sign

We had a cool spring in Ohio this year. It was a bit too cool lots of weeks and it never did get hot enough for me to get used to the heat. Trust me, we are getting baptized in the heat this week and we better get used to it in a hurry.

This is certainly not the hottest weather we have had during a tent revival, but it is pretty warm. By the time we had everything set up Sunday evening and it was time for church, I had soaked down a few times.

Monday night we had another great crowd in spite of the high temperature and we appreciate a lot of friends driving to be with us. Even though it was warm, visitors praying in the altar made it all worthwhile.

Hallelujah! That is why we do what we do! God was reaching the whole service and two women and a man reached toward God in the altar! You know what happens when people earnestly seek God? God makes Himself available. It was glorious to see!

With coronavirus surging and panic rising, we are constantly wondering if we are doing the right thing by being out here in revival. We are being as careful as we can, keeping distance when possible, not shaking hands and not hugging necks, but we wonder if we are doing right.

Three adults passing through town, stopping "randomly" at the tent revival, listening intently to the preaching, walking under the tent, kneeling at the altar and weeping while seeking God, yeah, that is a good sign.

Thank you for praying for us.


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