Saturday, July 4, 2020

Charlie The Chauffeur

Hey Friends,

How are you doing today? I hope you are having a great day. This is Odie checking in with you. We are doing good ourselves, keeping the roads hot. At this point, I am not even sure of my exact location at the moment. I need to check Google maps to find out where we are parked right now. ☺

I recently posted a picture of my sweet cousin Charlie, at the end of this post here. This boy brings so much joy to our world. He is just so precious and I am proud of him. I had to share some newer pictures of Charlie.

Charlie The Chauffeur
We were privileged to see Charlie, Deidre and Ben while we were in Texas. It was wonderful to be with our family! We especially love getting to bond with Charlie Ray!

Charlie is now mobile. He is walking and loving his new freedom to roam.  It is hilarious to watch him try to keep up with other kids now. He had a fun time after service.

All little boys are intrigued by my wheelchair. They are always drawn to the wheels. It is neat to see them inspect my chair. Now that Charlie is walking, he figured out that he can move me himself. He loved pushing me!  He was proud of himself and I loved making him smile. Charlie was a great chauffeur. I usually do not ride with young drivers, but I made an exception for him. He was a safe driver.

Charlie was calling for me before church. I melted! He was coming toward me saying O O O. I was a thrilled Auntie O!

Deidre sent me this picture.  I know that it is blurry, but I think it so precious. He wanted to sing in my microphone after church.  He loves music and singing.

Here is a selfie of Me, Charlie and Deidre. I sure do love these two people! I am thankful for any time that I can be with them! Hopefully, we can cross paths with them again very soon.

I will close with a final picture of Uncle Davy the Great and Charles Ray. It makes me smile watching them together. Deidre loved her uncle Davy when she was little girl. Charlie is following in his Mama's footsteps.

Thanks for spending some of your time with me today. I always appreciate our blog readers visiting with us.  I pray that you have a fantastic weekend.


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  1. Odie, trust Charlie The Chauffeur go to see some fireworks this weekend & of course with Auntie O! or it wouldn't be complete...



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