Sunday, July 12, 2020

Our View Out The Front Window 7/12/2020

This is our view out the window at Flying J in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

May God bless you on this Sunday.

Sunday Morning Sanity
(This is from Mushrooms on the Moor by FW Boreham. You can read to whole excellent essay HERE. You must scroll down to it.)

There was a man who dwelt in a very comfortable house, with a large, light, airy cellar. The river ran nearby. One day the river overflowed, the cellar was flooded, and all the hens that he kept in it were drowned. The next day he bounced off to see the landlord.

'I have come,' he said, 'to give you notice. I wish to leave the house.'
'How is that?' asked the astonished landlord. 'I thought you liked it so much. It is a very comfortable, well-built house, and cheap.'

'Oh, yes,' the tenant replied, 'but the river has overflowed into my cellar, and all my hens are drowned.'

'Oh, don't let that make you give up the house,' the landlord reasoned; 'try ducks!'

Wow! I appreciate Bro. Travis Martin for reminding me of this story. Thank you for stopping by today.


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