Saturday, July 11, 2020

Sis. Mary Davis A Hero Of Faith

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Thank you for taking a moment to visit with me! This is Odie reporting in for a Saturday post. I hope that you have had a fabulous week.

I have been thinking recently about a precious saint of God, Sis. Mary Davis. When I was a young girl, I heard about the Davis Family. I knew that their ministry had a great impact on many people. I admired them from a distance. I was able to hear the Davis Family sing on cassettes. They were excellent singers!

Later in life, I was able to meet many members of The Davis Family. They are amazing people! Not only can I say that I met them, but the Davis Family are now my friends. Now my life has been impacted by The Davis Family. It is a fabulous blessing to my family that God allowed our paths to connect with them!

Bro. George Davis went to Heaven over twenty years ago. I never had the privilege to meet him for myself. His legacy has lived on in his family. I feel as if I knew this great man of God.

We did get the honor of know Sis. Mary. She was the Matriarch of the Davis family. Sis. Davis was an incredible woman! She was so sweet and kind. It was a pleasure to have her as our friend. Sis. Mary loved all of her family! She was proud of all of them. She would glow when she spoke about her family.

Sis. Mary Davis was an amazing hero of our faith! She was the portrait of an overcomer and a lady who persevered. Sis. Davis worked in the ministry with her husband when things were tough.

They raised their children to love God and the ministry. The family is spread all over the country today. The majority of them are working for God. God's people are still reaping the benefits of the ministry of Bro. George and Sis. Mary Davis in 2020!

Sis. Davis was famous for her delicious pies and treats. She was a baker extraordinaire! Her pies were always beautifully presented and they tasted heavenly! 

When we were at the church that she attended, Sis. Davis would bring us a pie nearly every night of revival. Friends, that was a scrumptious offering! Can I get an amen, if you ever tasted her pies?☺ Pictured below is one of her masterpieces, this was a coconut cream pie.

Her chocolate chip cookies were divine! She found out that I loved them and she would bless me with several dozen during revival! That was a great blessing to me!

Sis. Mary Davis completed her earthly race on July third. She is now in Heaven, rejoicing in the presence of God! I can only imagine the joyous reunion that took place upon her arrival. She was reunited with Bro. George and her beloved daughter, Sis. Ruth Davis Stephens. 

The loss of Sis. Davis leaves a gaping hole in the hearts of the entire Davis family. She will be missed by many people! Please pray for her family and friends. Thankfully we can see her again in Heaven!

I was thinking the other day about my friend, Sis. Davis. I imagine God may have her preparing the pies for The Marriage Supper of the Lamb.☺ I am looking forward to eating her food again soon! The great thing about eating in Heaven, there will be no more adverse effects on our bodies. We can eat all that we desire there.

I am thankful that God has brought many heroes, of the faith, in our lives! We miss our Godly soldiers when they get promoted to Heaven! I plan to see them again when I finish my race down here. The list of promoted soldiers is always growing. Sis. Davis' name is now on that list. Heaven is getting sweeter every day!

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a terrific weekend. Did you know Sis. Davis? I would love to hear any of your memories of Sis Davis.


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