Monday, July 6, 2020

What's Up, Weekend? 7/6/2020

This seems like a long post, but we covered a bunch of ground since Thursday morning when we left Trinity Tabernacle.

We stayed up way too late enjoying great fellowship after church Wednesday evening with Pastor Tom Goodwin, his wife and others in Lucas, Texas. We rolled a little late Thursday morning, but we were not in a huge hurry so it was OK.

I think it took us about two hours to drive the 80 miles to Gainesville, Texas and we pulled in early in the afternoon. Our favorite restaurant in Gainesville, Neu Ranch/Catfish Louie's has temporarily closed their buffets, but they still had great food at great prices. We may or may not have eaten there twice in two days.

The buffet bar has been removed, but they assured me it is coming back.

KJo went to the laundry Thursday evening so that became the focal point of the day after we had made the drive to Gainesville. She is the hardest working evangelist's wife in America for sure.

She proved it again when we rolled out of bed before 5:30 AM Friday morning. We had a Zoom service scheduled for 6:30 with brothers and sisters in India. We were going to set up outside the bus, but it proved to be too noisy AND it was already humid.

Instead, we set up the piano and camera inside the school and we made the connection right on time. We had a wonderful time with a few old friends and many new friends. I love ministering to God's people in India. Hallelujah!

We were finished by 8:00 AM and then we broke everything down and loaded back into the BoggsMobile. KJo prepared a big breakfast and then we did our part to finish Thursday night.

Scrambled Eggs Tacos

Dear friends drove down from Oklahoma Friday afternoon and we enjoyed another great meal and tremendous fellowship with our friends. May God bless Bro. Bruce and Sis. Priscilla for making time to drive down and visit with us for the evening. We enjoyed it very much.

The House of Prayer in Gainesville is a familiar stopping place for us and has been for many years. We appreciate Pastor Dennis King and Sis. Judy and all of their folks. They are so kind to us and we are thankful for them.

Saturday we were on the road before 9:00 and we finished the 292 miles to Locust Grove, Oklahoma in about 5 hours.

Here we are hooked up and ready to go in Gainesville.

Pastor Kevin Webster and Sis. Teresa met us at the church near Locust Grove and helped us get the bus parked and set up. Afterward, we had a bite of lunch in the bus and waited for the outside temperatures to cool off some. In the evening, KJo and I went to the tent in town.

The tent? Surprise! We are having tent revival this week in Locust Grove. Pastor Webster arranged for Bro. Joseph Hunt to set up his tent at a park Saturday morning and we are going to have tent revival Sunday night through Friday night by God's grace.

We hung some electrical cords and other cords for our sound equipment Saturday evening so that we would be ready to set everything up Sunday afternoon for service.

We had service inside the church Sunday morning and under the tent Sunday night.

Sis. Teresa wore a unique face mask Sunday morning.

Here are a few pictures from the first night of tent revival.

Tent Revival is off to a tremendous start and we are looking forward to it getting better and better. Thank you for stopping by today.


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