Friday, July 10, 2020

Revival In Pictures - Tent Revival Locust Grove, OK

We are loving tent revival this week in Locust Grove, Oklahoma. The crowds have been really good and each night the Lord has touched us. Every tent revival the thought crosses our minds that we are getting too old for this, but the move of God rejuvenates us and we are ready to go!

The BoggsMobile is parked at the church, not at the tent, so that makes the logistics a bit different this week. You have to roll with the punches, so it is fine.

KJo and I go to the tent by 5:00 and unload the sound equipment from a trailer. Then we set up and get a soundcheck by 6:00 IF all goes well. The first night we always set up three hours early to give us time to deal with problems. Let's just say I barely made it back in time for church that night.😀😰

By that time the sound is ready to go, we are soaking wet! KJo takes the Green Machine back to the bus and cleans up. She and Odie come back to the tent by 6:30 and I take the car to the bus to get ready for church. By a few minutes after 7, we are all at the tent, ready to go.

After church, the men help us reverse it all and then I drive the Pastor's truck with the trailer attached back to the church for safekeeping.

I want to drive the BoggsMobile to the tent site tonight so we can load the sound equipment directly in the bus, but I am not sure I can get the bus in and out because of trees. I will make that decision this morning.

You came here for pictures today and here you go. I hope you enjoy the Revival In Pictures. Thank you for dropping in.



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