Saturday, June 27, 2020

A Little Cuteness

Hey Friends,

This Odie Checking in with you on Saturday. Thanks for spending some time with me today. It is great to have visitors to Mile Markers.

We all need some good news. Let me give you a reason to smile. Below is a picture of our wonderful friends Kevin and Abbey Frazier. We took this picture in November 2019 on our last visit to Montana. Abbey and Kevin surprised everyone with an announcement, during our revival. They announced that their family would be growing in the summer. We were thrilled with their exciting news and celebrated with them!

Abbey is one of my adopted Metzger sisters. She is one of my sweetest friends. I am so excited that God has blessed her with a husband and child.  Now I get to see her be an excellent mother!

June 2020 was the time predicted for baby Frazier's arrival.  We all waited and prayed for this blessing to come. Titus David Frazier was born in mid June. He is a handsome fellow!

I could not believe how precious this bundle of joy was when I saw his pictures.  I thank God for blessing Abbey and Kevin with this sweet baby boy!

Abbey sends me the cutest pictures of this little guy.  He will not be a little guy when we get to meet him in person. It is wonderful to see pictures of him now and I look forward to meeting him in the future. We love you, Titus David!

Are you ready for a little more cuteness? This is one of my favorite little boys and he melts my heart. Say hello again to Charles Ray Shoemaker! He is growing and changing almost daily. He will soon be walking everywhere. I am so proud of him! Auntie loves you, Charlie!

Deidre sent this picture recently, of two Charlies. We bought him this little Charlie Brown for Christmas. I am so glad that he loves his stuffed Charlie Brown. I had to share this picture with you all.

There you have some sweetness to brighten your day. Precious children make the world a better place! The smile of a child lightens my mood. I am thankful that God is blessing my family and friends with the blessing of children. They definitely make Auntie O happy!

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a great weekend? Who or what helped you smile today? I would love to hear about it in the comments.


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