Monday, November 18, 2019

Weekend In The Rearview Mirror

Friday began with the girls going to do laundry and me giving the BoggsMobile a much needed bath. Wow! It was dirty!

When the laundry was completed, Kelly Jo and Odie made a taco run for lunch and the BoggsMobile bath was necessarily interrupted.

The last night of revival was packed with fellowship from several of the Holiness churches in California. It was great to see so many long time friends from all over. We enjoyed having church with them and we had lots of visiting afterward too. It was a super way to close out the revival.

Odie and her helpers took a lot of great pictures.

It is always sad when it is time to leave the Atwater and the Burris clan. We love these people and this church so very much. We will be counting the weeks until we can return.

We only had 87 miles to drive Saturday so we were in no hurry at all to leave. It was nice to sneak in one more visit with Bro. Jared and his boys as we were preparing to pull out.

Our next revival was beginning Sunday morning in Fresno, but we did not park in Fresno. We can not park at the church, but we have parked at an RV park nearby a few times. There are only two or three spots we can fit in at the park and they were unavailable. I noticed later that the entry was blocked to us by tree limbs too.

I checked the other parks, as I have in time past, but there is nothing suitable for us at all in Fresno. I had two back up plans. 

Option #1 was to park at the Fairgrounds in Hanford, California, but it is 45 minutes from the church in Fresno. 

Option #2 was to park at Riverdale Assembly and that is 30 minutes from Souls Harbor hurch.

I had already cleared option #2 with Pastor Spencer, just in case, and when the RV park in Fresno did not work out, that is where we headed.

We pulled in, set up, grabbed a bite to eat and then Kelly Jo and I spent a few hours catching up on bookwork. It was a good evening to do that.

The Green Machine needed to be loaded with sound equipment and rolling by 8:00 AM so that meant a pretty early Sunday morning and that translated into a long Sunday. The day included two great services at Souls Harbor Holiness Church, two wonderful meals with all of the Munoz's and even a short nap for good measure.

We will try to have many more pictures from Souls Harbor later in the week.

That pretty much wraps up our weekend. Thank you for joining us for the ride. Come on back and see us tomorrow if you can.



  1. Davy, just a note to notify You that I'm still riding along with You everyday & shall continue to do so. I really liked Your expression about "short nap for good measure" & I thought of it as a GREAT measure, Frankie.

    Frankie Shiflett

    1. You always encourage us to keep on moving and writing. Thank you very much.


  2. I say it with pride and sincerity Pastor Boggs what are the requirements to court Odie?


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