Friday, November 8, 2019

A Wonderful Privilege

I apologize for the fact that ATT seems not to have discovered much territory around Arbuckle, California. It has been difficult all week to text, talk or publish Mile Markers. It has been especially difficult to load big bunches of pictures. If I had not already loaded and saved pictures for Wednesday's post, it would have been scratched and something else put in its place.

That is the long description of why you are not seeing our normal Friday of Revival In Pictures. Never fear, the pictures will be here once we get back into phone signal next week. We have a gob of great pictures to show you.

We are not necessarily in a big rush. We have enjoyed being near a small town for a second week in a row and this week we have the added advantage of being parked on a working farm. I have spent several hours reading, studying and daydreaming while watching beautiful horses go about their day. That is not a bad trade for weak cell signal.

We are also enjoying being with these fine folks in Arbuckle. We love Pastor Nate McCoy and his wife, family and church. The services have been good and so has the fellowship. Every moment has been precious. We are looking forward to the service tonight, but we hate to see revival end.

So, Revival In Pictures next week, what about today? I needed to find a place to give you a roundup of our recent travel. This is a good place to do it.

I told you in the Weekend report that we had traveled 304 miles after church on Friday night and 505 miles Saturday. Sunday morning we drove 298 miles in 5 hours and 45 minutes. The first 172 miles Sunday was slow going through the mountains of southern Oregon and northern California. There was no way to make good time so we settled in and enjoyed it.

The beautiful mountain driving came to an end when we descended a long grade down to Lake Shasta. Wow! That is a beautiful lake. Someday we need to spend some time there. Add that to the list, Kelly Jo.

After Lake Shasta, I-5 was a straight shot through the valley to Arbuckle. We pulled up on the road in front of Arbuckle Christian Fellowship and Pastor Nate and His children helped us unload our equipment in only a few minutes. Then we drove about 2 miles to the Burgess family farm where we are parked for the week.

That brings the total to 1107 miles between Sun Valley Church in Florence, Montana and where we are parked in Arbuckle, California. I think that is a bit of a stretch between revivals, but we got it done by God's grace.

The total miles since leaving Elkton, Virginia 16 days before is 3709 miles. 

Let us look at the last month of driving. On the evening of October 6th, we left Tanner Williams Holiness Church and on the afternoon of November 3rd, we rolled into Arbuckle, California. That adds up to driving the bus 4918 miles in 28 days.

4918 miles is not too bad in 28 days if all we were doing was driving 175 miles per day. But we also went to church 21 times in those 28 days and moved out of the bus for 30 hours to make a 400 mile flying trip in the car. No wonder I am dragging a little more than usual.

But we have no complaints. We have seen some beautiful country and the bus ran like a finely oiled machine. It is a wonderful feeling to turn the key, hear the BoggsMobile start and drive wherever we need to go through the mountains with no problems at all. Praise God for that. I never want to forget what a blessing that is.

It is also a wonderful privilege to visit these churches and know His precious people. We love watching as they respond to the singing and preaching and God gives revival in the midst of this dark and wicked world. What an amazing gift God has given to our family to be a part of His family and work in the ministry to which He has called us.

The Christian life is a good life!

Thank you for reading today.


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