Monday, November 25, 2019

Weekend In The Rearview Mirror 11/25/19

It has been a super weekend of revival and fellowship with great friends. We closed revival Wednesday in Fresno and the men from the church helped us load our sound equipment in the Green Machine since the bus was parked 30 minutes away. We were beginning our next revival on Thursday at Victory Holiness Church in Hanford.

Thursday we left for church a few hours early and drove about 35 minutes to Hanford, unloaded our equipment and had soundcheck in plenty of time for church. It was a really good day for us and a wonderful first night of revival.

We did not bring the bus to Hanford Thursday because we knew we could not get in the entrance due to huge old limbs on the trees by the drive. To our surprise, the trees had been cut back and the drive was ready to go! Yeah!

The next morning, Bro. Allen trimmed a little new growth off the first tree and by shortly after 12:00 on Friday the BoggsMobile was cranked up and driving toward Hanford. We love parking right next to the church. Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

We had fellowship from Fresno and Raisin City Thursday night and Friday night and that boosted the services greatly. We enjoyed having visitors and we enjoyed the Lord moving in lives as He did. 

Saturday night it was pretty much the home crowd, but Boy Howdy, did we have church! Wow! I think the Lord may have surprised us all. Praise God for His help!

The services were tremendous on Sunday too. We also enjoyed meals and fellowship with old friends all weekend long. It was a nice five service revival and we will have a Revival in Pictures post at some point.

We have been coming to Victory for a long time. On our first visit to California in 1992, this was the second California church we preached in. Pastor Derek Garman invited me to preach a night of their annual Fellowship Meeting and then we preached revival too. 

We fell in love with these folks and many of them are still right here and are still our friends. It is amazing how many great people God has brought into our lives. Their friendship has been strong and long lasting. We have certainly been blessed.

That wraps up our weekend. We are down to less than three weeks in California on this trip. Time is flying by! 

Thank you for checking on us.


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