Friday, November 15, 2019

Revival In Pictures Atwater, California

It is Revival In Pictures day from Amazing Grace Holiness Tabernacle in Atwater, California. Odie has a bunch of pictures ready to go and I have a few to throw in too. I hope you enjoy the pictures. We have sure enjoyed being here all week long with our wonderful friends.

The facilities at Amazing Grace are so neat and nice looking. Bro. Jared, his family and his church have put a tremendous amount of work into the whole place going back to the first day they purchased it. They have made a bunch of improvements since the last time we were here and it all looks great.

I can not believe that we only have one more night of revival and then it will be time to leave, but that is the truth of the matter. We leave with great sadness.

Here are the pictures. Thank you for coming by.



  1. Do you get homesick sometimes from being away so long?

    1. I have felt a twinge of homesickness a time or two in my life after months long absences. However, it is not homesickness for a certain house or certain town so much as it is a homesickness to see our family and attend our home church.

      After a few days at home, we are cured and ready to go again.



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