Saturday, November 30, 2019

My Friend Connie Murrillo

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Dad will bring you up to date on ours later. We had a great day!

Time is flying by for this visit to California. Sadly we only have less than two weeks left and three more churches to visit here. Today the BoggsMobile will travel to Avenal, California. We are excited to be with Pastor Doug Spencer, his family and his church Sunday through Wednesday. I am looking forward to God meeting us during revival at Avenal Assembly. 

Today I am writing about one of the many friends that I was blessed to spend some time with at church in Fresno recently.

My Friend Connie Murrillo

I first met Connie Murrillo at Fairland camp meeting in Arkansas. Then she came with the Munoz clan to visit us in Wichita, Kansas. Connie instantly clicked with our family. We have loved her from then on!

Many years later we are still friends. Time and miles do not affect our friendship. We always pick right up and have a great time when we talk or see each other.

Connie makes her home in Fresno and attends Souls Harbor Holiness Church. She is a beautiful lady inside and out! She is a bundle of fun. She has a great personality and keeps us laughing.

Connie loves God, church and family. She also loves working with children at her job and church. The children love her too!

I wanted to introduce you officially to my wonderful friend. Now you can put a name with her sweet face. If you ever meet Connie Murrillo, then you will soon know why we love her so much! 

One more thing, Connie would want me to let you know (I saw her last night and she reminded me) that she is single and searching!! Connie, is that what you wanted me to say? 😆

Thank you for sharing part of your time with me here. I hope you have a terrific weekend. 



  1. I'm sharing about Sweet Connie with some good men, just allow it to be the Lord's willing & all shall be well !~! Connie reminds me & looks a lot like my Aunt Connie from Italy...

    Frankie Shiflett

  2. Wow,she sounds amazing! Lol, I love you all so much it's always such a joy when I see y'all. Bro Davy helped me so much during our revival. I'm thankful to have met your family, love you all more than my hate for Mexican food. 😂 I would go to a Mexican resturant twice in one day for you all!! 😂😂😂😂 pray for me as I'll pray for y'all. Odie thank you for advertising me, I love it!!!!!!!
    Love you all,
    Connie Murillo

    1. She is AMAZING, Connie! You should look in the mirror! 😁

      Thank you for your kindness. You were incredible to go to Tacos Tijuana twice with us in one day. What a sacrifice. You certainly proved your friendship.

      You are welcome for the advertisement. I can not wait for the letters to start pouring in. I may skim the tithe of those letters off the top!

      Love you too!

  3. 😂 I try not to brother.
    Sis you have a lot more faith than I. Y'all are so much fun!


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