Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Vintage View Vednesday 2003 Fresno and Yosemite

Welcome to Vintage View Vednesday, coming to you live from beautiful California. I hope you enjoy all of these old pictures.

I had pictures ready to go that would follow right in line with the pictures I posted last week from our 2007 trip to Florence, Montana with my parents. 

However, yesterday when I was musing about all of our trips to California, I began to dig through the archives and found pictures from part of the trip in May of 2003. Many of those pictures were taken in Fresno while in revival in Souls Harbor. Since we happen to be there right now, I figure today is a great time to post those pictures.

I will get back to the 2007 trip a bit later by God's grace. I have a bunch of great pictures of that whole adventure.

Please enjoy this Vintage View Vednesday from Fresno and Yosemite in 2003. Thank you for dropping in.


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