Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The Weekend in The Rearview Mirror

Our weekend began with the conclusion of our revival in Arbuckle, California. It was a great week with Pastor Nate McCoy and his family and all of his people. We really had a good time. If you want to see pictures from the whole week. I posted them here yesterday.

After the service Friday night we took down the sound equipment and piled it by the door so we could load it in the bus Saturday morning. The church served a meal on Friday night too. We loved the meal and the wonderful fellowship with all the church folks and the visitors.

We did not get an early start on Saturday morning, but we only had about 160 miles to drive so it was no problem. I cranked the BoggsMobile, unwired from the electric panel and then drove to the church to pick up our sound equipment. After a quick stop at the taco truck, we were on our way south.

The trip through Sacramento and Stockton went perfect. There were no traffic slowdowns in either city whatsoever. We did have two slowdowns in other places due to accidents, but nothing major.

We made a stop at Flying J along the way to do the work of the evangelist, but that was our only stop. Four hours after we left the church in Arbuckle, we were pulling into the church in Atwater.

160 miles between revivals feels a whole lot better than 1100 miles between revivals. I need to hug the guy that runs my schedule. Last weekend I punched him in the nose and my fist and nose have been sore all week.

The Green Machine and BoggsMobile were both filthy and required at least a little attention. We took a few moments to wash the back of the bus and give the car a little wash of its own. It could use some more work, but it looks so much better than it did. The bus will hopefully get some more attention before the week is out.

Pastor Jared Burris and his family came by the church later and we visited with them, loaded in the sound equipment and set it up. Then Kelly Jo and Sis. Valerie made a run for a bit more Mexican food. It was all good.

Sunday morning was surprise Pastor Appreciation for Pastor Jared Burris and I think they pulled it off quite nicely. We were honored to be a part of the great day!

Bro. Cliff and Sis. Cindy Burris hosted a dinner for Pastor Appreciation at their house. It was absolutely amazing! Look at this!

We had a good service Sunday night and we are anticipating a wonderful revival all week long. Please pray that God touches us and sends revival to us all. We long to experience His presence each and every week.

Thank you for joining us today. See you tomorrow!



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