Saturday, November 9, 2019

Sis. Ruth Stephens

Note From Davy: Since we are on Pacific Time, I am posting this for Odie late Friday night in California. That way it is available for you Saturday morning readers.

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in from California. We have covered several hundred miles since my post last Saturday. Thank God for getting us safely from Florence, Montana to Arbuckle, California last weekend. The travel days were long, but the BoggsMobile did a fabulous job transporting us. 

We have spent this week through last night at Arbuckle Christian Fellowship. We had a great time with Pastor Nate McCoy and his church family. Thank the Lord for hearing our prayers and meeting us in Arbuckle, California with a special visitation. We had wonderful fellowship and services. 

Today we will move to Atwater, California. We love spending time at Amazing Grace Tabernacle. Pastor Jared Burris and our friends always welcome us with open arms. We are expecting great things to happen during revival this coming week. 

Sis. Ruth Stephens
Recently Heaven gained a new citizen, Sis. Ruth Stephens of Miami, Oklahoma. She completed her earthly race. She was an amazing lady and we had the honor of knowing her as a friend. We will miss seeing our dear friend Sis. Ruth!

When I was a girl I heard a lot about Bro. George Davis Sr. and the Davis Family. Sister Ruth was Bro. George's daughter and a vital part of the Davis Family. She along with her husband Bro. Mike Stephens and their children traveled, sang and preached for many years. I heard stories of Sis. Ruth and listened to her sing on recordings. She was a powerful singer!

Time went on and in our travels, we got to know different members of the Davis and Stephens family. They became special friends of our family. It is neat to me that we actually get to know people that we had admired for all our lives from a distance. It is really a sweet blessing. 

For many years Bro. Mike and Sis. Ruth have pastored in Miami, Oklahoma. I can not tell you the full story of our first visit to their church. We had a fantastic time with them. God helped us become fast friends. We made memories in January 2010 that I do not think I will ever forget!

Sis. Ruth was the real deal. She was the life of the party. She loved to have church and she was a service and preacher supporter. A church service was definitely better when Sis. Ruth was there backing it. Before and after the service she was a laugh a minute. I would laugh until I hurt when Sis. Ruth was around.

Our schedule has not allowed us to see the Stephens in a few years, but we have preached several revivals there including two tent revivals. I often think of our friends at Faith Pentecostal with great fondness. Sis Ruth is always part of my good memories there and always will be. 

Now Sis. Ruth is in Heaven. She was a trooper and faced many hard health battles. She is now completely whole and not suffering anymore! She left behind a gaping hole in the hearts of her family and friends. Sis Ruth Stephens will be missed by many people. I rejoice in the fact that we will see her again! Please join me in praying for Bro. Mike Stephens, their children, grandchildren, the Davis Family and the Faith Pentecostal Church Family.  

I will leave you with a few pictures that I found in our blog archives. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. 


One time on a Sunday night in Weir, Kansas the Faith Pentecostal Church surprised us by coming to the revival. They decided to move their Sunday service to our revival. It was an incredible surprise!!  The called it a praise mob. They came prepared to worship and support the service. Click here to read more about it. 

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