Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Our Weekend In The Rearview Mirror

Yesterday I posted pictures from the tent revival over the weekend. Today I will give you a few more details.

It was a wonderful weekend havin' church under the tent in Pine Prairie. There really was not much time for anything else, but unfortunately, there is more to life than church so we had to squeeze in some time for work. I will get to that all in good time.

The services Friday, Saturday and Sunday were terrific. They were well attended by the church and the community and the Lord met with us each and every night. I am expecting to get some reports of good things that God has done.

Pastor Barry Gautreaux and his people were very kind to us and helped lighten our workload as much as they could. That helps us a bunch and we appreciate it so very much.

Sunday morning we took down banners and cameras under the tent and prepared as much as we could for the task of taking down the tent. That included topping the BoggsMobile off with freshwater, cranking the bus, turning it around and hooking up to the tent trailer.

Bro. Gautreaux joined us at 3:45 as we carried out the sound equipment and then prepped the trailer to receive the tent. All of that went incredibly well. Before we knew it, Odie was outside playing guard dog under the tent and we were in the bus getting ready for the final service.

After another great service Sunday night, everyone went to work. I think Odie said it was less than 90 minutes from the final "Amen" to when we shut the door on the trailer with everything down, loaded and strapped. Not bad at all for working after dark.

I am thankful we were able to get the tent down dry. On hot nights it will sometimes draw moisture from the ground if we do not get it folded up quickly, but it was bone dry as we rolled it up and put it in the bags. Wonderful!

I was hoping to sleep a while morning Monday since we did not have to be in a hurry. Unfortunately, my brain did not cooperate and it was raring to go before daylight. I managed to wait a while before waking up the girls and we did not pull out until after 8:00.

Here is the tent site before we pulled out Monday morning.

We had a nice drive from Louisiana to Mississippi. We stopped for fuel near Baton Rouge and stopped to do the work of the evangelist at a rest area near Picayune, Mississippi. Other than that, we did not stop.

6 hours and 20 minutes after we left, we pulled into Richton First Assembly after 291 miles. I got out and hugged the neck of Bro. Scott Morris and then climbed back into the bus and took a nap.

An hour or so later, Kelly Jo and Bro. Scott helped me drop the trailer, remove the car from the trailer, park the bus, hook up the electric, hook the trailer to the church bus and pull it around back into its spot.

Then we had a relaxing evening and a terrific meal with Bro. Scott, Sis. Kim Rylee and Regan. It was wonderful to spend a few hours with our dear friends.

Today will be another travel day. This morning we are moving on toward Alabama. I do not remember if I mentioned this or not, but we had an outdoor meeting scheduled to begin tonight and run through Friday in Alabama. It was canceled due to the sponsoring church having some difficulties with insurance.

I considered filling the week, but after looking at our schedule for the last two months, I figured this cancelation might be sent from God. We did not pencil in time for a vacation this year on purpose and Wednesday through Friday will not be a substitute for a vacation, but the rest will do us good.

That brings you up to date on the weekend. Thank you for stopping by.


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