Saturday, September 14, 2019

A Special Visit From Deidre and Charlie

Hey Friends,

Happy Saturday, this is Odie reporting in from Alabama. I hope that you are doing well and your weekend is off to a tremendous start. 

We will soon be preparing to journey to Florida. Revival starts tomorrow at Beams Of Light Holiness Church. It will be great to be with Pastor Phillip Deane (aka Dr. Phil). The church services and the fellowship with our friends in Cantonment are always amazing!

Charlie and Deidre 

I was trying to decide on my subject for today’s post and that is when I realized that I forgot to tell you about two special visitors to my home a few weeks ago. I will give you the details right now. It was a special day for me with two of my favorite people.

My cousin Deidre Boggs Shoemaker now lives in Texas. We only get to be together a few times a year. She is my ”sister” and I desperately miss her! I was happy that her visit home last month would coincide with our time home too. I was super anxious to see Deidre!

Deidre’s baby, Charles Ray, was just a month old when we met him in May. You can read about that visit by clicking here. Currently, he is five months old. Time is flying by!

I was so ready to see him again. Pictures, videos and regular FaceTime calls allow me to watch him change and grow, but I wanted to hug my boy. He is constantly full of new things and his laughter and smile brightens my day. 

I was so happy to have Deidre and Charlie spend part of an afternoon at my house! We had a blast hanging out together and playing. I think he enjoyed his time at Auntie O’s house. 

Charlie really likes Aunt Kelly! I guess he can already sense that she is the awesome one of our family. 

What happens when it is time to eat and you do not have a highchair? We improvised and Auntie became the highchair. He was happy to get his lunch!

Then on Friday morning of that week, they came to camp meeting. We enjoyed more time together. I love you, Deidre Faye!  

Charlie experienced his first ride in my wheelchair after church. He was very content. Then sadly it was goodbye for now. 

I wanted to include one more picture. This was taken just a few days ago. He now has two teeth and more probably will come soon. I love this smiley boy! I already can not wait to see him again. 

Thank you for visiting with me today. I will see you again next week. 


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