Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The Tent Goes Up For the Last Time in 2019.

We had a second wonderful service last night under the tent. There is a man and woman from the community that seem to really be getting help in the altar. Hallelujah! We are also hearing testimonies from others outside the tent too. Keep praying for us, please.

In Richton, we use the 48x70 oval three-piece tent most years and that requires a little bit more planning and work. But this is the seventh year this tent has gone up in Richton Recreation Park so the guys from First Assembly are old pros by now.

Their experience and willingness to work together turned a big job into a relatively easy morning last Saturday. 90 minutes for the 48x70 tent to be in the air, tight and the chairs to be in place is not a record, but it is mighty close.

We appreciate the hard work of Pastor Scott Morris and all of his men and women that were able to help get the tent up. May God bless them for their effort.

Odie was on the job taking pictures like a champ.


Here is the faster version of the set up.

Thank you for going along for the ride with us today.


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