Thursday, September 5, 2019

The Tent Goes Up In Louisiana

Wow, we are having a super great week here of tent revival. Last night was the second service and it is amazing to watch God work. We plan to have some pictures from revival tomorrow. 

Today I have pictures from setting up the tent on Monday morning. The tent is straddling an old railroad bed so the stakes were challenging to drive. 

That means the stakes will stick pretty good though, so the tent is good and tight and not likely to move. We are in a great location with both visibility from the made road through town and access to pretty much every house in town.

Here is the town and the blue circle represents the tent.

Here is the time-lapse from setting up the tent  Monday morning in Pine Prairie, Louisiana.

The guys were there early and wanted to start so Odie was not outside to get pictures of the stakes going in. She was outside by 7:40 and did get the rest though.

It was a long day, but Bro. Barry grilled us some wonderful steaks to enjoy at the end of it.

That is what I am talking about!

We have four more nights under the tent and we are anticipating great things.

Thank you for dropping in.


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