Monday, September 23, 2019

Our Weekend In the Rearview Mirror 9/23/19

We were up and at em' Friday morning trying to get ready to hit the road. My first task was to Do the Work of the Evangelist and to take the time to rinse the tanks too. Rinsing the tanks needs to be done occasionally and when I am dumping the tanks at a public dump station, I usually do not take the time to do it in consideration of others.

Soon my evangelistic duties were completed, the bus was cranked, the Green Machine was hooked up and we were on the road. It was only 130 miles to Richton, but we were on the road almost 3 hours. It was a beautiful day to travel, but the route is a little convoluted. 

The 20 miles to the interstate took us over 30 minutes with intersections, small roads and turns and then we lost a little more time in Mobile. The traffic was fine, but we entered Mobile on the southeast side and then left Mobile on the northwest side and we exited the interstate about 1/2 way through all of that.

When we arrived in Richton, we went straight to Recreation Park where the tent goes up. We have been here many times before so in a few minutes we were parked and shut down.

This is Love Bug season and the front of the bus was covered. You can not leave Love Bugs on paint, so the first thing I did was hook up the hose and wash them off.

The next step was going to the church, hooking the church bus to the tent trailer and pulling it to the park. KJ and I took a few minutes to measure where the trailer needed to go and then we put it in place. By then a city employee was there with the keys to the electrical area so we plugged the bus into the 50 amp box I installed years ago.

Odie loaded up in the Green Machine with us and we went to Hattiesburg to meet Bro. Scott and Sis. Kim Morris and Bro. Kenny and Sis. Joan Morris for a super great meal at Front Porch. I love that place.

Just before dark, Bro. Scott helped us measure and mark the stake line for the tent. We put up three sections of the tent here so the marking is a little more involved than normal, but we were finished in a jiffy.

I was outside early Saturday to prepare the trailer and by 8:00 the gang had arrived and we began pulling stakes out of the trailer and driving them into the ground. By 9:02 the tent was standing on its own and by 9:30 the chairs were in place and the tent was tight.

By 11:00, the lights were up, the cords were hung and the cameras were in place. That is a pretty good morning for us and we appreciate all the help. I will try to put up pictures of set up later in the week. I just happened to have a timelapse video too.😉

Although Kelly Jo and I spent some time under the tent Saturday evening, we pretty much took it easy the rest of the day. I might have squeezed in a nap in the afternoon. I seem to have an hour missing from my memory bank. Yeah, I probably took a little snooze.

We sang and preached Sunday morning in the church and had a good service. We love being in Richton for tent revival, but we love having service inside the church too.

Sunday afternoon we began setting up our sound system at 3:00 PM. Bro. Scott was here to help with the heavy lifting so even with first night glitches everything was up and sound checked by 4:30, right on time.

The first service cranked up at 6:00 and we were off to the races. God was reaching for people right off the bat and it was wonderful to see a few responses in the altar. The church folks led the way and others followed and God touched them. Praise God for it.

Here are a few pictures of the tent. In some of the daytime pictures, you can see the horrible contrast between the faded blue on the ends of the tent and the original blue on the center section of the tent. It looks really bad as you are driving up to it. That almost makes my decision for me.

Fellowship under the tent and then with Bro. Scott and his family brought a great weekend to a close. Pray for us this week. I would like for God to surprise us with His awesome power in this community.

Thank you for dropping in today.


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