Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Vintage View Vednesday September 11, 2001

Vintage View Vednesday September 11, 2019. There are literally thousands of pictures I could have chosen from to remember this date in history, but for some reason, this collage of pictures speaks to me. I do not own this picture.

Our Vintage View Vednesday is an iconic view of a day in our US history that will never be forgotten. September 11, 2001. It was one of the most dreadful and fearful days in the long American story.

That day made me want to pull people I love closer and let them know how much I care for them. It still does. Nearly 3000 people lost their lives in NYC, Washington DC and Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The more I read the stories of victims and survivors and heroes, the more I value life at its very core.

Life is valuable. Life is fleeting. Life is too short to waste on ourselves. God help me to remember.


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